The armed forces of Ukraine ready to attack on Donbass, – New

Вооруженные силы Украины готовы к наступлению на Донбассе, - Наев

Ukrainian military are ready to fight for the occupied territory against Pro-Russian militants in the Donbas. The men are ready for all forms and methods of struggle.

Ukraine needs to return the occupied Donbass under control, said the commander of the Operation unified forces Sergey New the air show “Right to rule” 1+1.

OOS-prepared for all forms and methods of warfare. I wouldn’t be commander, and my staff would not be soldiers of the United forces, if we were not ready for all the forms and ways provided by the armed struggle in General,

– said Lieutenant General.

The commander of the FOS noted that as a military man believes that the Ukrainian land and Ukrainian people “have to fight and we must win.”

Putin has long pulls on the Ukrainian-Russian border, including heavy weapons and thousands of its military. This may indicate the preparation of the Kremlin for offensive operations in the Ukraine. As of February 2019 in the occupied Crimea Russia has deployed to 32.5 thousand of his soldiers, hundreds of armored vehicles, artillery systems. It is not excluded that Russia has deployed nuclear weapons, transforming the Peninsula into a launching pad for its missiles.

How Russia could invade Ukraine

As Ukraine will try to return the occupied Donbass?

Ukraine in order to return the temporarily occupied territory, you will need to compromise, but Kiev is not going to legalize any criminal structure. Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin stressed that a gradual transition of the Donbass in the Ukraine need to get out out of Russia and went a peacekeeping force.

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Вооруженные силы Украины готовы к наступлению на Донбассе, - Наев

Вооруженные силы Украины готовы к наступлению на Донбассе, - Наев