The arrest of Kokorin and Mamaev: will the Russian players a warning to the Ukrainian – 24 Channel

Арешт Кокоріна та Мамаєва: чи стане справа російських футболістів попередженням для українських - 24 Канал

In Russia continues to unfold the scandal around two of the local football team Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev, who beat the driver in Moscow, and subsequently started a brawl in a cafe with officials. For Ukraine in this story should be only interested in one thing – understand national players that there are lines not to be crossed.

We will remind that Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev beat two officials of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation in the Moscow cafes. The incident occurred on Monday, October 8, at about 9:15 in the cafe in the center of Moscow. According to eyewitnesses, Kokorin and Mamaev were in a poor condition. Before that, they beat the driver in Moscow, who was in intensive care. For this, the police filed a case under article “Hooliganism”, and the players could face up to five years of imprisonment. While Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev were detained for 60 days.

And here it will be not about Russian players. They – only as a sample. Let’s be honest, the Ukrainian players are not too far away mentally from those of the Russian athletes. Sometimes not even immediately clear that Ukrainian, or Russian player. They rest together on the Turkish coasts. And sometimes go “just go fishing” in Russia.

And that’s not the worst thing they can do. The players of the national team of Ukraine Artem Besedin and Nikolay Matvienko disgraced in the network “like” in Instagram. Both players put “like” on a post of the famous Russian performer Timati, in which he congratulates the Russian President with his birthday. In his post, Timothy wished him “long life, health and patience” and also called him a worthy President. It later turned out that many more Ukrainian athletes “likes” openly Pro-Russian political statements Timati with Putin and Kadyrov. So, afterwards all the participants of the scandal have proved that they are patriots of Ukraine, but frankly, their actions correspond with their words.

Therefore, the course of events in Russia and Kokorin and Mayewski, they apparently did. And you know what happened there. And that both the Russians could face up to five years in prison. And what they’re up to 8 Dec detained.

Such good examples should be a warning for our players, who, in his younger years received considerable contracts, lose the “sense of shore.” “Mad money” spoils of permissiveness, they cease to progress, it is difficult to continue to grow professionally and go in stronger Championships.

It all starts from the youth level. As an example – the story of 2015, which everyone knows as “call Rinat” when August 24, 2015 police arrested three players of youth structure of Donetsk “miner”. 18-year-old Oleg Gladchenko, who was driving a Porsche Panamera, militiamen found and 1.18 ppm alcohol. Raom with him in the ATO were still two players – 18-year-old Yaroslav Fursov and 17-year-old Vladimir Grachev. They all wanted to “work out” so and screamed “call Rinat” [Rinat Akhmetov, the Ukrainian oligarch and President of Shakhtar Donetsk] and later Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov.

And if, after such violations is still possible to avoid criminal responsibility, that there are those who should lead to greater accountability. The evening of October 9, 2011 three players then still Illichivets Maxim Kovalev, Stanislav Mikitsey and Oleksandr Kasyan was in an accident in which two people were in intensive care. Although the latter two stated that they were not in the vehicle at the time of the accident, and arrived just after the accident, all three subsequently after being expelled from the club. However, no criminal liability has not come.

Арешт Кокоріна та Мамаєва: чи стане справа російських футболістів попередженням для українських - 24 Канал

Accident in Mariupol on 9 October 2011 with the participation of the player of FC Illichivets

The only one of the famous Ukrainian athletes punished for his action – soccer player Vladislav Piskun of “Sevastopol”. Then on 21 November 2010, he staged a race on the streets. At the time of the accident his car was running at a speed of 140 km/h. The player has not coped with management and flew to the border, where death knocked the woman and two children 2 and 5 years.

Арешт Кокоріна та Мамаєва: чи стане справа російських футболістів попередженням для українських - 24 Канал

The scene of the accident car Piskun in Sevastopol in 2010

Piskun was sentenced to 6.5 years in prison, and after the Prosecutor General’s appeal increased the term to 9 years. But he served only half the sentence ahead of schedule released for good behavior. Interestingly, during his imprisonment, squeak went on to play for “Dynamo” (Bozhkove) in the championship of Poltava region. He was released from prison, but only for home matches.

And the case of Piskun almost the only, where the offender received a sentence. In September 2011, former tennis player Andrei Medvedev brought down at the crosswalk man. The victim flew through auto athlete and landed in the road. Medvedev also stopped only 200 meters from the accident scene. The men immediately moved two trucks that do not have time to stop. Nishikori faced up to eight years in prison, but he escaped with only 3 thousand hryvnias of a penalty for the infliction of injuries of medium severity.

No less resonant accident with participation of the honorary President of FC “Karpaty” Petro Damanskogo occurred in August 2017. But the businessman then immediately ran away from the country and hiding from the investigation.

So I want to remind our athletes and especially footballers – fame and money do not excuse you from responsibility. Follow the laws – and all will be well. And Kokorin and Mamaev should be a good reminder.

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