The art of relaxation -??????? the path to longevity

The most important skill that you must master every human is relaxation.

The ability to relax helps to overcome stress and tension, to preserve health and youthfulness.

Nowadays, due to the frantic pace of life people have forgotten how to relax.

People used to live in the feeling of constant hurry and stress, like a squirrel in a wheel. Under stress and accumulated tension, we become like a constantly compressed fist. Sooner or later the fist unclench, but tired hands can little to do. But what if such an internal stress is constant?

Internal organs and cells of the body are not fully supplied with blood, oxygen and all the nutrients. As the result of constant tension and stress worsens the metabolism, accelerates the aging process of the body, breathing becomes shallow, resulting in insufficient oxygen at the cellular level.

Often women in order to prolong youthfulness run in beauty salons and try to eliminate the consequence of the aging process, but not the root cause. Although to maintain the skin and body in good condition just 15 minutes a day to perform special breathing exercises that improve blood circulation at the capillary level that will immediately improve the quality of appearance, beauty and health.

A great role plays the way of life. If you sit all day in the office, your muscles and mind all this time, constantly tense and they cannot relax completely at the snap of a finger. Relaxation is an art that must be learned each person.

The ability to quickly relax physically not only affects health. In a tense body, a restless mind, which produces negative emotions, they activate the stress hormones, stress increases, leading to disease and poor health.

Use your time on useful and natural recovery for physical and emotional balance, so you do not spend much more time and effort to the treatment of diseases. Much better time to take care of themselves.

By regularly practicing the breathing exercises of Taoist practices, you will learn to relax, improve your health and rejuvenate your body. Doing Taoist practices only 15 minutes a day you are already through a month of classes, will receive effective and quality result, I wish you to see this in practice.