The artist attacked in the gallery: “knife in the head”

На художника напали в картинной галерее: «ножом в голову»

The artist has received numerous stab wounds to the head, neck and hands

The victim claims that he was a second time attacked by the same people.

Artist and filmmaker Yevgeny Granilshchikov was in the gallery when he was attacked by an intruder armed with a knife. The assailant struck the man blows to the head and neck. Have Grailstone was rugged hands as he defended himself from a criminal.

If not familiar to the artist, he would not have survived.

Lapidary knows the attacker, since this is the second attack on him committed by one and the same person. The first time the aggressor has beset the artist in the exhibition, but then he was without knives. Now the attacker is hiding from the police.

Lapidary on his page on Instagram published a picture, which shows that the young man covered in blood. “I have an interesting life” – he signed photo.

Also the artist said That because of the attacks and injuries he can not continue to work. He stopped four projects.

As previously reported, in Odessa, the foreigner was stabbed in the stomach by a passer-by man and left. In a press-service of Management of national police reported that a drunk resident abroad and provoked a quarrel with a man who walked past him. It seemed the attacker, the one he laughed.

In the midst of conflict, a visitor from abroad hit the opponent with a knife in the stomach and fled the scene.

Eyewitnesses called the police and an ambulance, 26-year-old victim was hospitalized.

After some time the cops tracked down and arrested 24-year-old suspect. If he himself had the knife that allegedly inflicted the wound, and a gun. The weapon is directed for examination.

Upon drawing heavy injuries opened a criminal case. The attacker is in jail. He faces up to eight years of imprisonment.

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Interesting I have a life

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We also wrote that in Odessa region 32-year-old man, who was recently freed after 9 years in prison for the murder of his stepfather, killed his friend. He came to visit his sacrifice and the men were peacefully drinking. And then a conflict broke out.

As a result, 62-year-old struck a blow with a hammer and an axe. He’s been hospitalized. In hospital the man died.

На художника напали в картинной галерее: «ножом в голову»