The artist has released Another short play about loneliness, strange dreams and surrealism

Художница Undertale выпустила коротенькую игру об одиночестве, странных снах и сюрреализме

Undertale is almost entirely made one developed by Toby Fox (Toby Fox). However, in creating the visual side he was helped by artist Tammy Chang (Temmie Chang), who recently released his own little game.

Escaped Chasm tells of a lonely girl, associated with another world she sees in dreams. Western journalists have noted the perfect and style, so as not to roll out a spoiler, indicate only main themes of the game: isolation, strange dreams, and the collision of the surreal and the everyday.

Think it’s part of the horror is the developer warns with a loud and prolonged high/low sounds, and disturbing atmosphere. In addition, the game has four endings, one of which Chang calls a little creepy.

Assembled in RPG Maker entertainment passed in just 20 minutes, but is distributed free of charge through the service In creating the Escaped Chasm took part and Sam Fox – he wrote the soundtrack.

For such a small game Chang took 5-6 months – this is her first project where she not only dealt with the graphics. She is going to make their own entertainment and more. If you like Escaped Chasm, can donate to the developer of any amount through the website that hosts the game.