The artist has shown how the soul – photo

Художник показал, как выглядит душа - фото

Why Polish artist makes sculptures with expressive faces-masks and ghostly bodies As if among ghosts

His dramatic composition “the Venetians” from the 90’s plastic sculptures in the human growth I think will be remembered by all who, like me, was at the Venice Biennale in 2013. Mask the artist did with the faces of real Venetians. Then fixed on a metal frame-the”skeleton” and wrapped it with plastic mass, like bandages. In the great hall in the Arsenal with such sculptures feel like with ghosts, but not scary.

“A major achievement is the ability to understand that the human body is only a vehicle for the soul,” says Paul Althamer in an interview, explaining why these sculptures are an expressive person (soul) and such a ghostly body.

Similar projects Paul Althamer created in other cities. And in the Warsaw Museum of modern art (near “Stalinist” skyscrapers) is his work “barge haulers” in this style.


The artist likes to transform the exhibition space. For example, it holds in different cities share “draftsmen’s Congress”, transforming space in workshops and exhibition. “It is a constant meeting of people who speak in pictures instead of words.” The goal of the interactive project is self – expression through drawings.

For the first time Paul Althamer held a Congress at the Berlin Biennale in 2012. Then he invited everyone to an abandoned Church so they can share your opinion using pencil, charcoal and paints. And now invites you to the project remotely – he will hold a “Congress of draughtsman” at the Riga Biennale, which has already started online.

By the way, in 2013, the “draftsmen’s Congress” took place in Kiev in National art Museum.

Художник показал, как выглядит душа - фото

Художник показал, как выглядит душа - фото

Художник показал, как выглядит душа - фото