“The asphalt after the rain and fried meat”: NASA will release a perfume with the scent of outer space

"Асфальт после дождя и жаренное мясо": NASA выпустит парфюм с ароматом космоса

If you ever thought about the smell of space, especially for you a new perfume. NASA has released a fragrance Eau de Space, which recreate the smell of space.It is reported by CNN.

It should be noted that initially the smell was necessary for the training of astronauts before missions, but later it was decided to make available to everyone.

Thanks to the determination, patience, luck and the Law on freedom of information (FOIA) we have developed this smell, would be able to obtain a larger number of people, the company works with the best perfumers and specialists in the field of fashion, technology and design.

Developed it Steve Pearce – chemist and head of the company dedicated to creating natural flavors. The man started to cooperate with NASA in 2008, when he created the smell the inner space station “Mir”.

The idea to create such a strange perfume came to the Pier when he thought about the stories and memories of astronauts who are caught in space, notes of hot metal, ozone and even fried steak.

These tones pierce recreated with chemical components.

Initially, the project required 2 thousand dollars, but the researchers have already collected more than 300 thousand dollars.

The first batch of perfume will appear in October – at first, it will be delivered to those who pre-order.

NASA has plans to release another perfume with “fragrance of the moon”.

"Асфальт после дождя и жаренное мясо": NASA выпустит парфюм с ароматом космоса