The Association of cities criticized the new map of regions in Ukraine

В Ассоциации городов раскритиковали новую карту районов в Украине

The exact scope of the powers of the regions up to the local elections remain in question

The Association of cities of Ukraine adamant about optimization areas. Executive Director of ASU’s Alexander Slobozhan beware that the reorganization at the district level will stall the decentralization reform.

According to him, the exact scope of the powers of the regions up to the local elections remains in question. Changes in the law about local state administrations, local self-governance and the Budget code may be taken after October 25.

“That confirms these things? First, the introduction of the imperative mandate, which can block the work of local councils. The second bill was the head of the profile Committee Andrey Klochko, which provides that all land issues are taken by the 2/3 of the composition of the local Council. Further they have plans to adopt that decisions on municipal property need 3/4 of the votes, and on budget 100%”, – said the publication of Slobozhan.

According to him, even a small Pro-government faction will be able to block these decisions, if the instruction “from the center”.

“That is the challenge to block the adoption of decisions of local councils, then to disclose their disability, transfer their powers RGA and enter the centralization of power in the type of Belarus,” he said..

Moreover, contrary to statements of the Cabinet, the new division does not meet European standards NUTS, and the disparity between the number of inhabitants in the regions has only increased, says Slobozhan.

In addition, some districts were formed so that the distance from the extreme point to the center is 160-180 km. And it will add inconveniences to the residents. According to him, some areas were formed purely on political considerations rather than on European standards and the Ukrainian methodology approved by the government.

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