The astronaut made an incredible shot of the Aurora from space – 24 Channel

Астронавт зробив неймовірний знімок полярного сяйва з космосу - 24 Канал

German astronaut Alexander Hurst that is at this moment aboard the International space station, published the Aurora, which he did through the window.

A photo he posted on his Twitter page.

“Mesmerizing every time. Interestingly, I thought the early explorers when they first saw the Aurora, even not knowing what it is,” commented the Hurst.

What is the Aurora? The illumination of individual sections of the sky at night that is rapidly changing. This phenomenon is most often observed in spring and autumn. Interestingly, the auroras can be accompanied by more and posvetovanje or light cod.

What is the ISS?It’s a space station orbiting the Earth, created for scientific research in space. ISS was a joint project between NASA and Roscosmos. To perform a variety of works, astronauts make regular EVAs. As of may 2017 on account of the members of the ISS 200 astronauts in space, for a total duration of 1247 hours and 55 minutes.

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