The astronomers looked at the moons of Saturn material its rings

Астрономы рассмотрели на спутниках Сатурна материал его колец

Astronomers using data received by the station Cassini, found that five tiny satellites, which are located close to the rings of Saturn, settles the material of these structures. In addition, they also get icy particles that come from the moon Enceladus, according to NASA.

In addition, the researchers learned that the surface of pan, Daphnis, Epimetheus, Atlas and Pandora is a very porous, this confirms that they were formed in several stages due to subsidence of the material of rings on them. Moreover, this may explain the unusual form of satellites, which are similar to dumplings or ravioli, with material concentrated around the equator and do not have a spherical form.

It is noted that the material of Saturn’s rings in large quantities is present on the Pan and Daphnis, which are located closest to the structures. On the surface of Epimetheus, Atlas, Pandora and also there is the matter of the rings, but they are also covered with icy particles, Enceladus.

This substance stains the satellites in different colors. So, Daphnis and pan seem to be reddish, and pimeta, Atlas and Pandora blue, similar in color to ice emissions of Enceladus.