The attack on Donbass and infection wife Trudeau: like coronavirus continues to “walk” around the world

Удар по Донбассу и заражение жены Трюдо: как коронавирус продолжает "шагать" по миру

The virus continues to attack in different countries not only ordinary citizens but also top politicians. Meanwhile, after discovering in Ukraine, 2 new cases of coronavirus in occupied Gorlovka recorded 12 cases of infection. In connection with the situation in the country, President Vladimir Zelensky urgently gathered a meeting of the NSDC.

“Apostrophe” tells all that is known about the situation in Ukraine and other affected countries.

The total number of deaths from the coronavirus in the world exceeded 5 thousand people.

Infected in Radomyshl and Chernivtsi

In Radomyshl infected woman born in 1949. She returned from Poland, and then visited relatives in Lviv. We also know that she went to Kiev.According to the doctors, it was found 26 contacts, these people are already on the observation. The infected woman was connected to the ventilator and was in critical condition. In the afternoon of March 13 the woman died.

According to media reports, the first symptoms, the patient appeared March 3 after visiting the Museum of Ukrainian home icons in the castle-Museum “Radomysl” Olga Bogomolets, where she kissed the icons: “”.

In Sochi now is not the markets work and not travel by public transport. For entry and exit established roadblocks for sanitary inspection. The city authorities urge the population not to visit the shops, catering establishments and institutions for the provision of public services.

In Chernivtsi caught a man born in 1955. His temperature was 38 degrees, signs of cough, x-ray pneumonia is not shown. It is known that his wife had recently returned from Italy.

Virus in Gorlovka

The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov during the visiting session of the Cabinet said that in the Donetsk region was diagnosed with the disease COVID-19 12 people. In this regard, Ukraine will restrict entry to the peaceful territory of temporarily occupied Crimea and Donbas.

“”–he said.


Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the current crisis is most severe in the health of his generation.

“”he said.


President Emmanuel macron announced the introduction of quarantine measures. All kindergartens, schools, colleges and universities will be closed from March 16. During the televised address, the first since the epidemic began, macron urged people over the age of 70 and chronic diseases as little as possible to get out of the house. According to him, the protection of the most vulnerable is a priority.

“Hell” in Spain

Spain became the second in Europe by number of infections with coronavirus, ahead of France and Germany. The total number of cases has reached 4209, 120 people died. There are Autonomous communities in which the coronavirus is spreading unchecked, in others the incidence is negligible.

The government of Spain coronavirus found the Minister of territorial policy, Carolina Darias, who on March 8 called for a feminist March in Madrid. In this event she attended with Irene Montero, Minister for equality, which was the first of the Spanish officials became infected with the coronavirus. Also COVID-19 found the members of the Spanish party Vox – its leader, Santiago Abascal and President of the parliamentary group of the party Macarena Hollogne. The first party caught its Secretary General Javier Ortega Smith.

The government in the coming hours will declare a high alert in the country.


People in many stores, panicked, flying off the shelves products and commodities. In social networks, the poles share photos and videos taken in the shops.

Удар по Донбассу и заражение жены Трюдо: как коронавирус продолжает "шагать" по миру

“, “wrote one of the local residents.

What happens in other countries

The infection was recorded by the wife of the Prime Minister of Canada Sophie grégoire-Trudeau.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said that to stop the coronavirus in the EU.

Czech Republic from March 16, imposing a complete ban on entry and exit from the country.

Moldova closes all flights to Europe.

The number of deaths from the coronavirus in Iran is more than 500, recorded 11 364 cases.

Iraq prohibits all large religious gathering until March 24.

In Belarus 27 podverzhdennyh infections. Belarus, concealing a visit to Italy, was infected with coronavirus is almost 100 people.

The number of infected in Switzerland exceeded 1,100.

Officials of Kazakhstan banned all foreign business trips. Exception – only those that ensure the safety of the country and citizens.

The first case recorded in Ethiopia.

The Olympic Committee of Greece has decided to cancel the Olympic torch relay throughout the country.

In the occupied Crimea, in Sevastopol pharmacies not buy medical mask — it is not about the deficit, and the complete lack of individual protective equipment. Medical masks there at least a week and some sale items – already more than a month.

The number of cases of infection in Russia per day increased from 34 to 45. New cases were recorded in Moscow, 5 in St. Petersburg – 3, one in the Leningrad region, Moscow region and Perm region.