The attack on the naval base in Florida friends arrow was shot on the phone – Esper

Нападение на базе ВМС во Флориде друзья стрелка снимали на телефоны - Эспер

Friends opened fire at the base of the naval forces of the USA in Florida Alshamrani Mohammed was shot on the phone the attack, which killed three people. This was announced by the Secretary of defense mark Esper, says Fox.

It is not known when they began to shoot before the attack or saw the shooting.

According to CNN, to attack Alshamrani ispolzovali 9-millimeter Glock pistol, which he bought for hunting licences.

According to special Commissioner of FBI agent Rachel Rojas, investigators are working on a version that the attack was a terrorist act. They’re trying to find did the fire any ideology.

The shooting occurred on 6 December. The assailant shot the police officers. The shooter was a pilot from Saudi Arabia who was held in the U.S. three years in the framework of cooperation between the two countries.