The attorney General filed a case against Kiva for the beating of the visitor of the restaurant

Генпрокурор возбудил дело против Кивы за избиение посетителя ресторана

The attorney-General Ruslan riaboshapka opened the proceedings upon the application of a people’s Deputy of Ukraine Ilya Kiva bodily injury to a visitor to the restaurant in Kiev.

“Wednesday, 22 January 2019, the Prosecutor General Ruslan riaboshapka has instituted proceedings on the fact of infliction of bodily damage to the citizen of the people’s Deputy of Ukraine at the request of the victim. According to the statement, MP of Ukraine, being in one of the restaurants of Kiev January 22, 2020, hit the victim’s head face”, – stated in the message.

Corresponding data are brought in the unified register of pre-judicial investigations with preliminary qualification according to p. 1 article 122 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (intentional moderate bodily injury).

The Ministry recalled that in accordance with the law to open proceedings against people’s Deputy of Ukraine can only be the attorney General.

For some media published video seen as the Deputy approaches the other man and has his head in the face. In response, the man strikes the Kiva punch in the face.

At the same time the Kiva said that he was attacked in the restaurant. “The man who attacked me at the restaurant “Mocha”, behaved inappropriately and shouted obscene words. I got up and went over to him, bent down in order to ask to stay well, and he struck,” says Kiva.

According to media reports, visitor to the restaurant, which was a fight, was a veteran of the ATO Michael Mainman.