The attorney General personally took over the “Kyivmiskbud” for housing development in the forest-Vodice

Генпрокурор лично взялась за "Киевгорстрой" из-за застройки в Пуще-Водице

The attorney General’s office began criminal proceedings through the illegal construction of the residential quarter of “Kyivmiskbud” in Puscha-Voditsa in Kiev on the facts of illegal felling of trees, damage of cultural heritage objects and the abuse of power or official position.

According to preliminary data of the Prosecutor’s office, officials of HC “Kyivmiskbud”, with the assistance of certain officials of the KSCA and EXTINGUISH carried out illegal construction in the forest-Vodice in the street Kvitka tsisyk.

It is reported that the land area of 0.69 hectares of the holding company was granted in July 2017 lease for 15 years for the construction of a recreation complex.

However, while it is the construction of a residential complex, the apartments of which are already on sale.

The prosecutors reported that their construction was illegal felling of trees 214, although the decision of the city Council allowed the felling of only one tree.

The case took personal control of the Prosecutor-General Irina Venediktova.

“We have to find out on what basis was granted land and permission for this construction and to ensure the recovery of all losses”, – said Venediktov.

Pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings is entrusted to investigators of territorial administration of the RRG, located in the city of Kiev.

Генпрокурор лично взялась за "Киевгорстрой" из-за застройки в Пуще-Водице