The audience “blew” the new film Danila Kozlovsky

Зрители "разнесли" новый фильм Данилы Козловского

The network has released the trailer for the film “Chernobyl”.

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On the eve of the Russian court was introduced to the audience the trailer for the new film “Chernobyl”. The Director of this film was made by Danila Kozlovsky, who also played the main character. Users of such creativity are not appreciated and generously awarded the artist a negative review. They felt that Kozlowski “blackened engineers” and called the film offensive.

On the big screens the film “Chernobyl” will be released this fall. The trailer for the film, which was uploaded on “YouTube”, looked for more than 75 thousand people. And many remained unhappy with them. In “Chernobyl” Kozlovsky plays the fire and it caused some outrage.

“Engineers, unlike firefighters and most others, understood very well the danger, but did his duty. Sadly, it is domestic and not foreign film offends my sense of justice,” wrote in the comments of the users.

As Danila Kozlovsky acted also in the role of Director, he got from the fans and this part. Commentators felt that the engineers were risking their lives, “get down there and poured the water”. Not fire, as is shown in the film.

Also, social network users said “acting biased” Kozlowski, caught him in the fact that the film was made “aimlessly”, and generally put a lot of “her parents told me” for such creativity.

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