The Aussie was arrested for illegal transactions with cryptocurrencies

Австралийца арестовали за нелегальные операции с криптовалютами

Australian law enforcement officers arrested 38-year-old Australian for the Commission of illegal transactions with cryptocurrencies.

The police division in the state of Victoria has published information about the arrest on November 12. In the joint report of law enforcement officers of the state of Victoria and the Centre reporting, and analysis of the Australian transaction (AUSTRAC) stated:

“Detectives from the group of electronic crimes today have arrested a man in the investigation of unregistered transactions with cryptocurrencies”.

Australian accused of violating the Law on combating money laundering and the fight against terrorism from 2006 for the provision of “unregistered services for the exchange of cryptocurrency” as well as the Criminal code since 1995 for the use of the property that was involved in criminal activity.

During the arrest police found a significant amount of cash and false identity documents that were seized along with a cryptocurrency ATM from a shopping centre in Braybrook.

The investigation was initiated because of reports of fraud connected with ATM, provided by police Centre AUSTRAC. This cooperation between the two agencies is one of the first operations conducted in the framework of the fight against e-crime E-Crime Squad, related to cryptocurrency.

National Manager of intelligence operations with AUSTRAC David Hawkins (David Hawkins) said that the results of the investigation emphasize the importance of cooperation between AUSTRAC and law enforcement agencies.

It should be noted that in late October, Ivan Manuel Molina Lee (Ivan Manuel Molina Lee), President of the controversial Panama payment processor Crypto Capital associated with Bitfinex and the other major cryptocurrency exchanges, was arrested by the Polish police on charges of money laundering.