The Australian government released the national roadmap for the adoption of the blockchain

Правительство Австралии выпустило национальную дорожную карту для принятия блокчейна

The Australian government today released the national roadmap of the blockchain, which will help stimulate the introduction of technology in the country. In a document of 52 pages lists the 12-tiered approach, which, according to the government, will help Australia to move to the “future bloccano”

A document issued by the Department of industry, notes that the blockchain has the potential to create jobs, save funds and improve economic growth in Australia.

The five-year road map must provide a regulatory framework to help people to develop the skills of the blockchain and increase global opportunities for investment and cooperation.

In particular, the road map lists the 12 points of the plan that must be imposed for five years:

1. To form the national consultative Committee on road map of the blockchain and rename it to the steering Committee of the National roadmap

2. To establish working groups to analyze the use cases of the blockchain

3. Examine options for use in industries such as agriculture, education and Finance

4. A group of governmental users of the blockchain to discuss knowledge of the existing use cases by governments

5. To benefit from the international level to identify examples of countries that use the blockchain to provide effective public services

6. Work closely with suppliers of the blockchain to work for the program Initiative business research and innovation

7. Make sure that the blockchain is included in broader political work

8. Contribute to the development of the overall framework and content of the course for the qualification of the blockchain

9. Working with Austrade [Australian trade Commission and investment] on the program development opportunities for the launch of the block chain, designed in Australia

10. To work with Austrade to configure the input investment program, focused on blockchain

11. To use already existing bilateral agreements with other countries for consideration of pilot projects

12. To cooperate with relevant government departments, that Australian businesses have been included in the digital trade infrastructure

“Together, we can promote the long-term development and implementation of blockchain technology and take advantage of the huge economic and social opportunities it offers”,

said Karen Andrews, the Minister of industry, science and technology Australia.

The government stated that the blockchain technology, among other technologies, can help to 2025 earn approximately $175 billion.

“It is very important for Australia, and our technology companies are ahead of others in one of the fastest growing technological industries in the world”,

said Senator Birmingham, the Minister of trade, tourism and investment.