The author of the original DOOM introduced a new game – Empire of Sin

 Автор оригинальной DOOM представил новую игру – Empire of Sin

John Romero re-creates games. Co-author of the legendary shooter DOOM is now working on titles about the American mafia 1920-ies.

About the game while it is known that it will provide a significant storyline. And the project announced during the Nintendo conference at E3 2019.

Plot. Action Empire of Sin takes place in the “Golden years” of Chicago. That’s when the city experienced a flourishing of organized crime. Players try to build their own ruthless criminal Empire, and this will interfere with the bosses 14 of the city of Chicago.

Starting conditions will be generated randomly at the beginning of the game. A further development of the plot depends on the user. You can do the underground trade in alcohol, extortion, open casino. In any case not to do without first-class teams of thugs that would ensure the extension of influence and the capture of neighboring territories.

The trailer for the game Empire of Sin – see the video

The developers promise a meeting with a whole set of picturesque life-like characters. How the players will build relationships with them will depend on many of the events of the game. The passing options may differ radically depending on the starting conditions and the chosen strategy.

Release date. The creation of Romero will be released in the spring of 2020 on the Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One as well, maybe the next generation of consoles Sony and Microsoft. Because their release was scheduled for the same time.

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