The authorities are afraid of real opposition, so he’s trying to avoid me for the elections, but I will go to the end, – Solovyov

Власть боится реальной оппозиции, поэтому пытается не допустить меня к выборам, но я пойду до конца, - Соловьев

The leader of the “REASONABLE FORCE” Alexander Solovyov: “the Government is afraid of me”

The leader of the “REASONABLE FORCE” Alexander Soloviev re-filed documents on registration of the candidate in presidents of Ukraine on elections of 2019, saying that the government is afraid of him, and the party of “REASONABLE FORCE”. He said this at a press conference on Monday.

Earlier, the CEC refused to register as a presidential candidate, leader of “REASONABLE FORCE” Solovyov, as one of the points of his election program was a speech about peace in the Donbass.

Soloviev was surprised at the decision of the CEC on his candidacy, as similar points about the need to start peace talks is in the programs and other political forces, but this does not prevent the Central election Commission to register their presidential candidates in the current election.

“Why are those opposition forces that are 27 years sitting in Parliament and in power only change the factions are held today at the presidential election, and we have a new opposition force that is doing everything to return the country to the people out of this process. The answer is obvious – the government simply is afraid of us,” said Soloviev.

He said that is not going to put up with this decision before, on Sunday, re-filed documents to the Central election Commission, after making changes in the program to which the members of the Commission have any questions. However, he said that “lawyers have changed only the wording, the essence of the program has not changed.”

“We don’t stop there. I want to thank those people who support us today – our supporters our supporters. Yesterday I re-applied and re-registered as a candidate for President in this election. We never stop, we will go to the goal – still in this country there will be peace, there will be order and there will be prosperity,” – said Solovyov.

He added that “REASONABLE FORCE” is the only political party that not only talks about peace, but ready to do real steps.

“Each party is trying to talk about peace, but real steps no party did. The theme of the world should sound. In the Donbass continues to kill civilians and Ukrainian soldiers. All satisfied that it can make money, but how long the money will take our souls?”, – outraged politician.

He rejected accusations of Pro-government forces to the “REASONABLE FORCE”. “We are accused that we are with someone is not the to communicate. But just open your eyes! 27 people sit in Parliament – they have business in Russia, they have family in Russia, they have Russian citizenship, and we are told that we are not, we are not patriots. We live here, our kids live here, we work here and do everything for the good of the people – what we are not? The reason is simple – those who sit in Parliament beneficial to hang noodles on the ears and tell people how they worried about him”, he added.

The Deputy head of “REASONABLE FORCE” Alexander Savchenko: “We will not stop… this requires people “

In turn, the Deputy head of “REASONABLE FORCE” Alexander Savchenko said that associates the decision of the CEC according to Soloviev with the program of the party at the signing of the national Declaration of peace. He stressed that the CEC did not stop the party.

“We will not stop, to continue, not because of a desire to have the leader of the party, and because of this requires people, we have the support of the people there,” – said Savchenko.

Власть боится реальной оппозиции, поэтому пытается не допустить меня к выборам, но я пойду до конца, - Соловьев

Власть боится реальной оппозиции, поэтому пытается не допустить меня к выборам, но я пойду до конца, - Соловьев