The authorities in Ternopil region warn citizens against attempts to “fake” compensation for flooding

Власти Тернопольской области предостерегают граждан от попыток получить «липовые» компенсации за подтопления

According to the authorities, recent flooding in Ternopil region was damaged in the sum of almost 60 million UAH.

Chairman of the Ternopil regional state administration Volodymyr Trush warned the inhabitants of the South of Ternopil region from the use of fraudulent schemes for obtaining compensation for the damage caused by the recent floods on the Dniester.

As UNIAN correspondent, he said this today during a press conference.

In particular, Trush noted that while traveling in flooded areas of the region, local residents complained to him of the events back in 2008, when the village Koropets ‘ after the then element of the highest compensation was received by the people, who had sometimes even mud houses closer to the river, where no one really lived.

“People who are really affected by the floods, and all this zaaktovana – they can not worry about the refund. And who wants to resort to fraudulent schemes, may well think it worthwhile to do so. Because then the acts will study law enforcement on the subject, isn’t that a fraudulent scheme with the houses in which no one lived, and holding them just so flooded,” said Trush.

He also added that the local authorities given the task in the preparation of acts to define clearly lived the people in the impounded objects or not.

“We have instructed the district state administrations and local authorities to control this process. There are also such houses, where people sometimes come, although constantly do not live in the village. Everyone needs to solve on the ground. Injustice cannot be allowed,” said Trush.

According to him, the recent flooding (at the end of June this year) the region was damaged by 59.5 million UAH, in particular, population – 8.8 million UAH, farmers – 19.3 mln., to UAH 13.4 million damaged waterworks.

According to the Chairman yeah, all amounts have been sent to the Cabinet, it is expected that the issue of compensation of the Ternopil region will be considered at the nearest session of the government.

Trush explained that the area was not included in the government resolution of June 25, when the victims of the disaster to the Western regions of Ukraine has allocated a total of 672 million UAH, since it is able to control the region beginning late and at the time of adoption of the resolution in the Ternopil region was not yet calculated the amount of damages.

Last week the government has allocated for overcoming the consequences of floods in Western Ukraine 672 million UAH.

As of July 2, crews continue to work to assist the population and elimination of consequences of floods.

Reference to UNIAN. As a result of flooding on June 24-26 in the Ternopil region was podtopleny 21 settlements in Bocachica, Borshchiv, Zalishchyky, and the Monastery areas. The floods were evacuated 184 people.

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