The authorities of Dzerzhinsk called the cause of the explosion at GosNII “Kristall”

Власти Дзержинска назвали причины взрыва на ГосНИИ «Кристалл»

There are victims, the threat of turning of the explosion remains

Today (June 1) in the Western part of Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region was rocked by 2 explosions that introduced the horror of the local population. The incident occurred at the plant GosNII “Kristall” plant for the production of TNT.

According to preliminary data, was named the cause of the explosion in the Department.

“The violation of technological process of production”, – reported by the authorities of Dzerzhinsk.

It is clarified that in the shop was made and stored explosive bombs.

The blast waves of the two explosions brought a shock to local residents in a radius of a kilometer from the blast site in many houses collapsed balconies and broken Windows.

According to the latest data of the Ministry of health in the explosion at GosNII injured 19 people, five workers time to evacuate before the explosion, no fatalities.

At the moment the scene cordoned off, and there are specialized emergency services, equipped with special protection.

Some have called this incident a terrorist attack and, thereby, contribute to the panic, but the authorities claim that the danger to the lives of citizens there. In such situations, panic is the main enemy of the situation and may entail serious consequences.