The authority of Putin falls in Russia begins the parade of sovereignties – Andrei Piontkovsky

Авторитет Путина падает, в России начинается парад суверенитетов - Андрей Пионтковский

The US President Donald trump and the leader of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin was equally not ready to accept the fact of beating by their rating of the epidemic Covid-19. But if the United States now quickly rebuild the economy on a “war footing” to combat the coronavirus, in Russia begins the parade of small sovereignties, and Putin prefers to hide. This “Apostrophes” said Russian political scientist and publicist ANDREI PIONTKOVSKY.

– Tell, please, in what city are you in now?

– In fact, I’m in Washington, but purely administratively and geographically, it is a suburb of Washington in Maryland – just 50 m from the border of Washington. Although this creates for me a significant difference, because the quarantine in Washington are much more strict. There, walking, it is possible to run into a COP who is talking to you. And in Maryland, I allow myself a daily half-hour walk.

– How did the atmosphere in Maryland?

– Calm and friendly. I think Americans are generally quite adequately met this attack with the exception of one person – the President of the trump. Because of his stupid ambitions more serious measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic was delayed by at least two months.

There is an interesting coincidence – how far is between mass parameters Russia and the United States, and two such people as trump, and Vladimir Putin. They have a very different background and mentality, but they coincide in the nature of his personality. Both manifest extreme self-centeredness and disregard for the millions of their fellow citizens, where they post their needs to provide wise leadership. Each only interested in their ambitions.

Trump, until very recently denied the seriousness of the epidemic and resisted not that quarantine, and any restrictive measures. Even when they were introduced, he insisted that the Catholic Easter is April 12 – the Americans go back to work. He was very worried about the possibility of economic downturn during the quarantine and how it will affect the election results. And changing his position in the last week only happened because he realized – to his electoral ratings dramatically impact the number of victims of the epidemic. Last Friday, for example, in America, she died from more than a thousand people.

This tragedy, which shocked the whole of America, has largely changed and world politics. During the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, killed 3 thousand people. Now, such “nine-eleven” occur in America every three days (meaning that every 3 days the number of deaths from coronavirus is compared with the number of casualties from the attack on “twin towers” – “Apostrophe”).

Авторитет Путина падает, в России начинается парад суверенитетов - Андрей Пионтковский

The paramedics help evacuate people with suspected coronavirus from the cruise ship, Miami, United States

It turns out that two people from different worlds behave in the moment of greatest danger is irresponsible, vulgar and – I even would say – mean.

– They say in the Kremlin, even the word “quarantine” I try not to use it.

They words simply avoided. Putin has the same personality type, that of the tramp – absolutely! Not the essence plays a role, a show-off. How is it with the great Putin, the great trump can be such trouble? There was a turn, when the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin in a rather rude manner explained to Putin that statistic is nonsense, simply not done enough tests in Russia and the unknown true picture.

And this euphemism as an “additional holiday” invented by Putin instead of the word “quarantine” just pushed the previous weekend, a lot of Russians on shish kebabs on the nature, drinking.

– In Ukraine, by the way, also at the beginning quarantine the people out in the parks and grilled kebabs to fight it is almost impossible. And in the United States? There are people, too razgildyayski refers to the quarantine?

– No. It is certainly not the Germans – they are ideally reacted to the quarantine. After all not only depends on the position of the government, but from the mentality of the population. But in General, when the Americans eventually introduced additional measures, I think, are behaving quite responsibly.

Due to the fact that Americans love their country, trust their government – or what is the reason?

– The main reason you already mentioned. Ukrainian, Russian – former Soviet people, and we have a century of genetic, stress – centuries old distrust of his own powers.

But there is another reason. After all, this disaster has two aspects.

The first is purely epidemiological, medical: how well accepted sanitary measures, and how rigidly adheres to their population, what is the resulting course of the epidemic.

And second, not less important is economic. Why is trump so resisted the introduction of quarantine? Not only because he, like Putin, does not like bad news. He knew that it would be a blow to the economy. Compliance with the necessary medical measures in any country is a serious blow especially for the infrastructure of small and medium businesses.

And another question – how the state softens the inevitable blow. If in the purely medical part, due to the inaction of trump, I would make the U.S. a C grade, a solid “excellent” earned both the Administration and Congress, which immediately adopted the law – for their reaction to the inevitable economic consequences. 2 trillion dollars was allocated to support small and medium businesses which is the backbone of the American economy and provides all the vital functions to the Americans as the subjects of this economy.

Авторитет Путина падает, в России начинается парад суверенитетов - Андрей Пионтковский

Andrei Piontkovsky: “Due to the inaction of trump, I would make the U.S. a C grade”

I will give you a striking personal example. I am not a citizen of the United States. As a political refugee, I shall enjoy the rights of residence. But our beloved American tax service, I unexpectedly received on Friday a lump sum of $2400 . I didn’t contact, didn’t provide any documents. Just in a sinister American tax service, from which nobody can escape, ran the data of tax payment and based on this automatically allocated such allowance. This is serious money, my wife and I for two months to feed enough.

I was shocked not only by the fact that have no relation to the American economy, the refugee got the money, and how they were issued. Can you imagine how much paperwork would have had to issue if the money was issued in Ukraine or Russia? The whole world shook a queue in Krivoy Rog for some permission and security pass. And if people started to give money? This is a level to support the economy. It gives confidence to the Americans, affects their psychology and behavior more than any call preachers or leaders of public opinion on television.

– I saw the figure of that of 6.65 million people applied for first time unemployment benefits in the United States. And some analysts are already predicting that the American economy wojdat at the peak.

I saw a calculation, that 20 million will soon be served. It’s natural. A number of companies based on the continuity of the cache. They can’t work “on distance” and close. Because such large-scale support is rendered.

No peak of the American economy can not be. The first steps have already shown that the authorities are very serious about this issue and ready to support business and people.

In addition, I tell you a little secret why America from a purely economic point of view-responsive scale – that can only be compared with Germany, one of the countries, if not the only, which you can put “five” in medicine, and economy. So, large amounts with such ease Washington highlights, because the American reserve system more free in issue than monetary and financial institutions of other States. The dollar is a currency that will always take everywhere is the currency of the world. Us bonds, which will now be re-released – they are bought.

One of the favorite arguments of the haters of the USA – “America is so successful that they can print dollars without fear of inflation.” But on the contrary – precisely because in America, a prosperous economy, including technology, we see such a high trust in the dollar. The currency is the so-called last resort – “the last refuge” during any crisis. And the right issue-won credibility of the American economy, its credit history over the past 100 years.

Because of the occurrence of the us economy at the peak of you can forget. The tragedy is the death of people we don’t know when it will stop. But you can be objective, blame the predecessors of trump that they were not prepared for the extent of this infection and now, it is not sufficient devices IVL – in new York they are not enough – and test systems.

Авторитет Путина падает, в России начинается парад суверенитетов - Андрей Пионтковский


If you remember the Second world war, then the American economy was immediately rebuilt on a war footing. In the same way now – the administration has introduced in fact, the laws of war and large-scale produced everything we needed.

The hitch, of course, will cost many American lives, but the United States will emerge from this crisis economically in better shape than most States. But the failure is a failure. Life will not return and the responsibility is primarily on the trump – is.

– Why Germany has worked best?

– Because there was Merkel, not trump. This is the first. And the second they thought about possible infections before and they are now on the planes deliver patients from Italy and France. The Kremlin sent in the EU, its Shishkin-the Chapiha – GRU-shnyh scouts with cars, with disinfection, and soap. And Russian propaganda is spreading FUD, that no one in Europe to each other is not helping.

Another usual rant in the post-Soviet countries – say, democracy can’t respond effectively, but see how in China. First, we know nothing about what is happening in China where the virus, how many people died, and what is happening there now is a completely closed society. Second, there are three or four examples of countries that is reacting to the threat: South Korea, Taiwan, Germany and Israel. Countries from different regions, with different mentality of the population. They share a stable, developed democracy.

– Are there any in the US, the aggravation of mentally unstable guys that walk, talk about the end of the world, about the fact that we all die, etc.?

You know, that’s always been present in America and, probably, such is. But I can judge by popular culture, on television – there is no surge of such sentiments. The biggest sect is, in my opinion, the sect of tampomechanika. Because of their solid core, which was established in 2016 – 40%, sometimes 45% – will not go away, in spite of the obvious demonstration of their worst qualities.

I said about the similarities between trump and Putin, but there is a difference: Putin is hiding, and trump every day forcing yourself to watch the press conferences on all channels live on the porch White to mA.

I would not idealize and Democrats. For example, in January, trump has made one of the few, in my opinion, the correct foreign policy steps, namely, have eliminated one of the leaders of the Iranian “Islamic revolutionary guard” Qassem Soleimani, the culprit in the deaths of tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people in Syria. Then all of the democratic stars pounced on him – but as it is, this is a serious escalation of hostilities.

That is, the political struggle has long been going without the gloves and below the belt. But their sectarian trump loses. However, to win elections, relying only on them, he will, I think, is rather difficult. Although the campaign came to naught on the election now very little to say, despite the fact that the time is near. Everyone is busy with the coronavirus, the mobilization of aid to the population and economic prospects.

Авторитет Путина падает, в России начинается парад суверенитетов - Андрей Пионтковский

Taxi drivers remained without work, San Francisco, USA

– Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden were before the outbreak of the coronavirus main competitors trump. As they now position themselves and can they lose?

– I would divide them. Sanders has already lost in the democratic primaries. He does not even have a mathematical chance to eliminate the majority of delegates at the Convention, which have Biden. Many in the democratic party unhappy with the behavior of Sanders. Usually in this situation, the candidates stop attacking each other, rally around the leader, to oppose the enemy, especially such serious as trump. Sanders is acting very selfish. He – and particularly his supporters – continues attacks on Biden. It works on the promotion of trump and weakens the democratic party. About the same he’s been acting 4 years ago when until the last moment fought with Hillary Clinton. He forced a support for her, when he twisted arms in Congress, but he and his activists did not hide negative attitude to Clinton. And this was one of the reasons for its defeat.

However, the polls show the advantage Biden. Although in fairness it should be said that despite the anti-systemic behaviour of trump, the gap between him and Biden have dropped from 9% to 4-5% (Biden is ahead of trump – “Apostrophe”). It is a phenomenon – when people all the time in front of my eyes, for it still given voice. This is what in science is called the factor of recognition. Biden has virtually disappeared from the field. Once a week he appears, says reasonable things about the epidemic, economic incentives. But trump just suppresses his own television presence. But six months left before the election – and nothing is a foregone conclusion.

– Still in Russia – though not to say that nothing is a foregone conclusion, but a referendum on the Constitution was postponed. What forecast can you give?

– I feel the uncertainty of Putin, the desire to escape from responsibility. And for the dictator it is always dangerous. Possible responsibility to pay, and then her and did not return. I have already mentioned, the way I talked to the mayor – I would say that it was even defiant. It was hard to imagine such a tone even two weeks ago.

Even less possible to predict anything in Russia than in the United States. But one undeniable trend is the decline of authority of Putin and the masses. But it does not even matter, mass, nobody will not ask, and it is unknown whether still in Russian elections.

The most dangerous for Putin, as always in authoritarian regimes, the loss of influence in the elites at the top. The fact that the dictator passes the responsibility to him always dangerous.

– The more he tried to transfer responsibility to the governors, and they slowly begin to disperse…

– On the first day, three resigned!

– Well. Does this mean that in the same way can “scatter” and all of Russia?

– This is a bold metaphor. But, in General the trend is there. We saw that in Russia there is no state, and this whole facade of Putin’s vertical – this is a huge Potemkin village. Ukraine and Russia is post-Soviet generation. Both countries have not faced the true extent of the epidemic and the failure of the medical system has impact. As such economic assistance, business and population as the US and Germany, neither Russia nor Ukraine can not give.

And if you continue to develop the metaphor of the runaway Russia, was impressed by the determination of Ramzan Kadyrov, who first fully closed area. That’s unfulfilled dream of Dudayev and Maskhadov. He just banned the entry and exit of all men from Russia – green, blue, red. A small parade of sovereignties begins. It is not ethno-national, a Russian province of the beginning to build some defensive units on the borders with each other.