The authors of a controversial game Agony created another violent horror Techno 24

Автори скандальної гри Agony створили ще один жорстокий хорор - Техно 24

After the release of a horror game Agony uncensored, for its authors from the Studio Madmind poured a lot of criticism. They were accused of illustration of excessive cruelty, violence, brutal scenes of sex and the like. Now the team presented another brutal horror.

This writes

The new project is called Paranoid. Already from the trailer you can see that the game is such a shocking and bloody.

However, the scenery of hell is here replaced by the dark corridors of the outdated home, and wandering in the dark soul – sick character, who is suffering from psychological trauma.

Gamers will again have to run, but this time not from the clutches of the denizens of hell, and from the prison in which the protagonist himself has made his home. The protagonist of the game – Patrick, his parents died under mysterious circumstances, and the sister gone on for 13 long years.

Paranoid release date is still unknown.

Game trailer Paranoid

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