The authors of Minecraft has released a new map and a set of skins to support charitable organizations

Авторы Minecraft выпустили новую карту и набор скинов в поддержку благотворительной организации

Mojang has already donated 10 thousand dollars to a charity organization Charity: Water, providing clean drinking water to people in developing countries. Now the authors of Minecraft released for their game with fresh content is also designed to help in this matter.

The developers teamed up with the author of the user content for Minecraft from Jigarbov Productions. Together they released The Travelling Trader – a set of one of the new maps and a few skins for the characters. Supplement is distributed free of charge, but Mojang has promised to donate another 90 thousand dollars only when the game set downloaded 100 thousand times.

“According to Charity: Water, the number of people that will help $ 100 thousand, more than 3 300 people – said on the official website of Minecraft. – So all you need to do is download an excellent map and a set of skins and you can help us in a fantastic business!”

The number of downloads has been recruited – it took less than a day. However, The Travelling Trader can still download: PC (Windows 10), Xbox One, Nintendo Switch to mobile devices on iOS and Android can pick up the kit here.