The authors of the game Metro: Exodus has run into yet another scandal – the details

Авторы игры Metro: Exodus вляпались в очередной скандал – детали

The scandal around the release of the game Metro: Exodus from Steam continues. In the network appeared the confirmation that Deep Silver agreement with Epic Games made too late and was not without incidents.

The essence of the scandal around the game. Recall, Deep Silver, which owns the rights to the brand, at the last moment took the decision to remove Metro: Exodus for PC from the digital shelves of Steam for the end-of-year exclusive agreement with Epic Games Store.

This angered many of the players, and comments were made by Valve on the Steam product page, 4A Games and Deep Silver, the author of “the Underground” Dmitry Glukhovsky, THQ Nordic, head of Epic Games Tim Sweeney and more. Perhaps if this step was not done at the last minute (after the start taking pre-orders on Steam), such angry reactions can be avoided.

Trailer Metro: Exodus – watch videos

A new round of scandal. Anyway, there is another indication that the contract with Deep Silver, Epic Games was really a very late posted pictures of the cardboard packaging of the game. Instead of the usual mention of Epic Games Store on the back side, at it on top of the Steam logo pasted relevant information (and it is allegedly made in the collector’s version).

Авторы игры Metro: Exodus вляпались в очередной скандал – детали

A photo disk with the game Metro: Exodus

Авторы игры Metro: Exodus вляпались в очередной скандал – детали

The developers of Metro: Exodus just sealed the memory of Steam on the packaging

However, perhaps this is practised is not at all the boxes. Let’s hope that the scandal will draw conclusions and they will not be repeated in the industry.

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