The authors of the show “First channel” was accused of whitewashing historian Sokolov, who killed and dismembered a young mistress

In a new TV show, “Doc-talk” on the Russian “First channel” reconstructed the events of the bloody murder of 63-year-old historian Oleg Sokolov, Anastasia Yeshchenko.

The spectators believe that in the reconstruction of the dismantler and the killer exhibited by the victim.

The creators of “Doc-talk” devoted horror stories two issues. The first was a speech about how it was born and developed the relationship of teacher and talented graduate students. In the second the creators of the show have restored the murder, presenting two versions of events. One official and the second is based on recordings of Sokolov that he is in jail.

Video: YouTube/ Dock Current

In the notes of the scientist justifies himself, saying that he had committed the murder in self-defense. In his version, She attacked him with a knife. The girl was allegedly unhappy that the historian pays her too little attention. Besides Yeshchenko was jealous of the cohabitant to his children.

Invited to the show, the actors cast as Anastasia Sokolova rushes in and tries to hurt him. He defended to the last asks the girl to calm down. And only after her rejection releases in her a few bullets from the gun.

Reconstruction of the outraged spectators. In social networks, they write that the channel is attempting to “whitewash the murderer who dismembered the girl.” Some require to close the show, in which “play on the feelings of the people and tragedies for the sake of ratings”.

Presenter Alexander Gordon explained to the dubious reconstruction of what the creators of the program could not ignore the diary of the historian, since they had to consider all points of view.

“Do not think that we are trying to justify it. On the contrary I want to show that this man is guilty. In his notes he wrote that I would doubt its adequacy, but the examination proved that he was sane,” said Gordon.