The authors Warframe outlined the plans for 2019: warframe, fighting in space, friendliness to newcomers

Авторы Warframe обозначили планы на 2019-й: варфреймы, бои в космосе, дружелюбность к новичкам

Digital Extremes held a stream on Twitch, where he opened a road map Warframe in 2019. A brief synopsis of the most important made PC Gamer.


The development is three new warframe. The first is called Hyldren. He wears heavy weapons and not using energy as other warframes. Instead Hyldren use their shield to “cast” abilities. Among them – strengthening for the team and direct attacks. The second warframe – Wisp. About it Digital Extremes tells on another stream. About a third warframe and nothing said.

Left – the Wisp, on the right – Hyldren

Early in the year for expansion Fortuna open world Venus will release an update Deck 12 – Exploiter. The developers describe it as “simultaneously an event boss and plot the bomb.” No other details yet.

Developers completely remade a set of elements of The Gas City that comprise the cards in Jupiter. The changes will affect how graphics and structure of the missions. There will be new enemies, rewards and external danger.

Event Wolf of Saturn will be the starting point for major processing of daily tasks. In the converted test system are divided into daily and weekly, tied to an evolving story (it will be supplied in the form of animated comics) and eventually will lead to the debut of an all new character. Within the Wolf of Saturn you can get cosmetic items and some gain for high-level characters.

Should start The New War – a new Chapter in the series of cinematic story quests Warframe.


Summer Digital Extremes is going to access the Empyrean – the renewal of fighting in space, which was shown in mid-2018 under the code name Railjack. In last year’s movie showed a battle near Venus, but in the end the authors want to make such missions for all locations in the Solar system.


Empyrian have to be a major Supplement for Warframe in 2019, and therefore closer to the end of the year updates will be more modest. In autumn the game will enter enemy faction Planes of Duviri – it is in some way closely related to the global storyline. The developers did not disclose details, but assured that all will become clear when the update will be released.

Within just 2019

The technical improvement. Warframe is going to get rid of DirectX 9 and 32-bit operating systems.

“Melee 3.0”. The idea is to remake the melee weapons in Warframe so that it would likely use when running, jumping and paired with firearms. Update with combo system should be made more clear, and appropriate modifications will change. “Melee 3.0” plan to introduce gradually, one weapons school at a time.

Improved introduction for beginners. Team Warframe understands that the game is not too friendly to those who are just starting to get acquainted with it. To fix this, inside Digital Extremes has gathered a small team that improves the “experience” for beginners. Apparently, in the converted entry will show a fresh cinematic video.

Авторы Warframe обозначили планы на 2019-й: варфреймы, бои в космосе, дружелюбность к новичкам