The average size of labor pension in the region is 3196 hryvnia

Средний размер трудовой пенсии в области составляет 3196 гривен

On uparatana meeting in the Poltava regional state administration discussed the reorganization of the Pension Fund of the region and implementation of uniform service standards of citizens, to ensure availability when providing services.

The chief of the Department of the Pension Fund of Ukraine in Poltava region Vladimir Taratorin said that in 2019, completed the optimisation of functional processes of the Fund. The regular number of employees of the pension agencies at the expense of reducing the managerial staff decreased by 11% to $ 900. The network of citizens has expanded due to the creation of 49 for remote jobs in GSS.

In each administrative-territorial unit of the region placed the front offices, where the reception of visitors. Back office functions at the regional level and performs work on maintenance and support of core functions, processes documents and applications of citizens. Also in the area there are 30 service centers, in which before the introduction of quarantine restrictions the admission was carried out daily and continuously, regardless of the address of residence of the pensioner.

“In the framework of introduction of new information technologies for institutions of the Pension Fund of the region in the past year purchased 300 units of computer and office equipment, – said Vladimir Taratorin. Among innovations – the work of the centre retroconversion. The purpose of this special section is the translation into electronic form paper pension files. Currently scanned about 27 thousand cases of almost 409 thousand to be translated in electronic format.”

During the quarantine, the operation was carried out smoothly through remote forms of communication with visitors. On the portal of electronic services of the Pension Fund of Ukraine has the opportunity to remotely use a wide range of services: “retirement “one-touch”, “e-work book”, “retirement calculator”, obtaining certificates, the accuracy of which is confirmed by QR-code entering or changing data in the Register of insured persons; the submission of the application, offers.

During the quarantine time was carried out recalculation of pensions and compensation payments provided by the legislation. From 1 April 60 thousand inhabitants of area have received compensation since reached the age of 80 years. In addition, pensioners whose pension does not exceed 5 thousand UAH, the state has allocated one-time cash allowance in the amount of one thousand hryvnia. Such persons are in the area around 384 thousand.

In April, the indexation of pensions. In the field these payments 92% of recipients are more than 375 thousand pensioners. Indexing is added to the average pension in an average of 213 UAH.

Also from 1 April carried out a massive recalculation and the actual payment of higher pensions 17 thousand working pensioners for the additional exhaust seniority and earnings. In the result, the average size of labor pension in the region since the beginning of the year increased by 292 of the hryvnia and reached 3196 hryvnia.

Next steps in the development of the pension system related to the continuation of the transfer of pension provision services in electronic format: the provision of services using the “Electronic office of the citizen”, the introduction of online system of citizens advice, the introduction of the electronic queue system in all service centers.

According to the instructions of the President of Ukraine, the Pension Fund developed a mechanism for automatic assignment of old-age pensions after reaching retirement age. Thus from 1 July 2020 will assign a retirement pension to persons who have the desire to place it remotely using a qualified electronic signature.