The baby went blind because of the smartphone

Младенец ослеп из-за смартфона

These days, many smartphones are equipped with a small bright white LEDs, which also serve as a flashlight for the camera when there is insufficient light for photography.

However, not all people use this feature because it can blind for a few seconds. Although the light from a normal flashlight can not damage the eye, however, it can cause serious damage to eyes infants.

There is nothing wrong in shooting the kid, but at the same time, parents need to be extremely careful as the flash from the camera or mobile phone can damage the baby’s eyes.

Three-month-old baby was left blind in one eye after a friend of the family do not turn off the flash on your phone, write Novosti. He would hold the phone 10 inches from the face of the baby. Shortly after the picture, the parents noticed something wrong with the sight of their child.

The doctors said that the camera flash has caused irreparable damage to the macula of the child, when a family friend took a photo of it.

Babies macula is not fully developed until they turn 4 years. So they are very sensitive to bright light. Only a few milliseconds can cause irreparable harm to their eyes.

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Doctors also recommend parents to take extra precautions for strong light in the room.