The bachelor 9: contestant Dasha commented on his place in the final

Холостяк-9: участница шоу Даша прокомментировала свое место в финале

Viewers looking forward to Friday, to may 24 to find out which of the two participants chose Nikita Dobrynin. In the meantime, in a Network fans of Lily and Dasha pour dirt on rival each of our favorite.

A lot of criticism from users of the network have been Daria. She was accused in the fact that she always hung on the neck of the Bachelor, for this project it still should grow up with a lot of falsehood and has no feelings for Nikita.

And here, on his page in Instagram the girl decided to answer all the detractors. Your post contestant wrote in an ironic form.

And now, “immature youngster” who always hung on the neck, because well nothing else can give, got to where it was. Nikita still can not let go, that’s blind. Sees how she is acting and says only what she wanted to hear. Here’s a template girl demanding kisses. And Nikita’re not kissing because of the feelings he has for her, because he already made his choice.

Anyone who understands what and how worrying – patience and strength. And I, too, patience and tranquility and a bottle of wine. Water wears away the stone, Dasha. Stayed a week. To everyone else – to become, finally, happy, and some stones are softer than your hearts.

Subscribers in the comments of the post, wished it a victory on the project and noted that one of the contestant’s Leela only 22 years old while she is 20, and only the second call youngster, despite the fact that girls only 2 years apart.

Холостяк-9: участница шоу Даша прокомментировала свое место в финале