The bachelor season 9 issue 10: which participant left the show to step away from the semifinals

Холостяк 9 сезон 10 выпуск: какая участница покинула шоу в шаге от полуфинала

Only 2 weeks before the expected finale of Dating show “the Bachelor 9”, so Nikita Dobrynin is becoming increasingly difficult to say goodbye to one of the beauties. It’s 4 girls left in the project, and the ceremony of the roses anchorman brought only 3 of flower.

10 edition of the show “the Bachelor season 9” Nikita Dobrynin scheduled meeting with the parents of the girl. So Lily, Dasha, Marina and Sofia are excited about the appearance of the presenter at the home of their relatives. For whom the introduction of the Bachelor with my parents turned into a farewell show, read the material LifeStyle 24.

At the rose ceremony, all the girls went with fear because I didn’t know how was the acquaintance of Nikita Dobrynin with other beauties. Meeting the parents really pull together participating in the show with the presenter, so they didn’t want to say goodbye to him. Each recalled their experiences before and was expecting a Bachelor.

But on the road to beauties Nikita Dobrynin admitted that make the decision for him is extremely difficult, especially after meeting his parents. With him he brought three roses, testified that one of the participants definitely will leave the project.

The first lead came Lily. According to Nikita, she has a very beautiful mother and thanked the girl for what she opened her feelings to him. But the main character of the project told that the next time she has to sing. The girl got a rose.

The next presenter came Darius. He said that all the relatives had informed him that their daughter was in love, but the beauty did not say anything to Nikita about her feelings. Therefore, the Bachelor explained that some things should remain between two lovers. Darius also received a rose.

Sofia the fear approached Nikita Dobrynin. The bachelor said that in the rapture of love with her family. However, a mysterious participant of the project had to do with family pretty hard, noticed the presenter. Sofia received the rose.

Left only Marina. Bachelor explained that he was very pleased to meet the family of the girl. He was once again convinced that the girl has a lot in common. But Marina is very discreet, so Nikita Dobrynin saw no emotion even in a relationship with her. That is why she left the project.

These 2 months I will remember for a lifetime. I want to see it happen with one of the girls, because he, despite everything, a very decent Bachelor. Sorry, of course,
– said with tears Marina.

The show left the Marina

The bachelorIs a reality Dating show, appeared in March 2011 on the Ukrainian TV channel “STB”. The show is a Ukrainian adaptation of the American project “The Bachelor”.

The main character of season 9 was the leading M1 TV channel and radio station “Russian radio Ukraine”, the chief editor of men’s magazine XXL (Ukraine) Nikita Dobrynin. In every issue the main character will meet with one or several girls in different places. During meetings the girls have to like the Bachelor to interest him and get rid of rivals.