The bachelor season 9 issue 2: first date and who raised himself to mistress

Холостяк 9 сезон 2 выпуск: первое свидание и кто выбился в фаворитки

The second edition of the popular project “Holostyak” was launched March 15 on the STB. The chief groom of the country Nikita Dobrynin begins to choose his soul mate of 17 participants.

Week on the show “the Bachelor” season 9 began with the first double-date. During the selection, he singled out Julia and Nastya. It is with these girls he spent the first date.

The meeting was held in Egypt on the boat. He invited the girls to plunge into the depths. Nastya immediately agreed, while Julia was scared. But it played right into her hand – she had spent a date with the Bachelor on land and was able to show him his luxurious figure.

Though Nikita was outraged because of distrust of Julia, but she still got first this week rose.

Meanwhile with Cindy, he decided to spend another day. It looked like the girl he really liked.

Meanwhile in the house the girls have been waiting for Nikita. And only Julia received from the Celibate gift is a phone. So while he is overseas can keep in touch with the girl.

Julia had returned to the house and the other girls were shocked, thought she left the show. Moreover, she already got a rose.

But Nastia and Nikita continue to walk in Egypt. They had a very romantic day that turned into no less than a romantic dinner.

Until Nastya comes back to Ukraine to Egypt came Carolina it’s her birthday. He met a girl at the airport 3 nights and it was the first gift for Carolina.

Another surprise for Caroline — a couples Spa massage. By the way, at one point, the masseuse came out and a nice massage continued to do Nikita.

But all was not so rosy. In the evening, during romantic dinner she opened the Bachelor her secret — the previous guy was very rough with her and even beat her.

Nikita immediately said that a man who beats a woman is no man at all. He also shared with the birthday girl your love story.

Finally Nikita returned to Kiev and immediately proceeded to the ceremony of the roses. The first Bachelor came Dasha. Not only did she get a rose, but an invitation for a date.

Rose got Vick. Her, Nikita, too, promised a date. Then the Bachelor came Olga, who already received a gift – a mobile. Of course, the girl returned with a flower.

With Valeria Bachelor talked before the ceremony. During the conversation the girl told that she does not like when men fooling. So Nikita, too, decided to “fooling” and sent the girl home. Received the rose and Caroline.

Now two girls and only one rose. Who will get the rose — Lisa or Anastasia? As explained by the Bachelor, Lisa is too attached to his family. So I decided too let her go home. And the last rose went to a cute Nastya.