The bachelor season 9 issue 3: crazy party in the club and meet friends

Холостяк 9 сезон 3 выпуск: безумная вечеринка в клубе и знакомство с друзьями

The third edition of the popular project “Holostyak” was launched on 22 March at the STB. The chief groom of the country Nikita Dobrynin continues to choose his mate. Now the project has 15 participants.

Week on the show “the Bachelor” season 9 began with a meeting with Vika. The meeting host was not a Bachelor, but Victoria herself. The girl is a flight attendant, so I decided to show Nikita the sky. Couple flew by helicopter.

But after flying Vika and Nikita went for a romantic dinner. Here, the Bachelor decided to find out why Vic seems so aloof and closed. And Nikita was able to expand on it. The girl admitted that she had a complicated relationship. But it’s over and she’s ready to build a new one.

Sincerity Vicky touched him, and he immediately handed her the rose.

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Meanwhile in the house the rest of the girls can’t wait to go on a date. Therefore, the company was Gregory. He decided to talk to the girls, and based on the stories he chose a contender, which will go next to meet with Nikita.

Nikita organized for girls is a very unusual date – psychological training. It was attended by other couples – friends of Nikita. The task was not simple.

And although she made a very good impression on Nikita and his friends, but rose has not yet received. Nikita decided to take the time to think. The final decision he will make during the ceremony of the roses.

After this single Dating with Elizabeth, Nikita decided to organize a meeting with up to three girls: Dasha, Natasha and Dean. And date in a nightclub.

The most active and scandalous was Natalia. First, she tried to seduce the Bachelor, candid dancing, and when that didn’t work – started to throw tantrums.

The girl could not accept that it is not a Bachelor paid attention. As a result, she only disappoint Nikita. But on the contrary Dean was gentle and sincere that I liked Nikita – she left the party with rose.

The time between Dasha and Nikita sparked a passion. The couple decided not to resist and entwined in a passionate kiss.

The next day, the girl also received a rose before the rose ceremony.

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Last date for the project was group – a Bachelor with the girls staged a picnic. Nikita decided separately to communicate with Julia, because I do not see her sincerity. But the girl could not or did not want to open, so I left the project.

Just during the picnic Nikita decided to have a rose ceremony. Separately, he decided to talk with Lily. The girl was quite closed and there was a feeling that she just avoids the man. During a personal conversation Nikita was not able to set the girl into the conversation and she also left the show.

The third girl who left the project this week was Carolina. Her Nikita was a very romantic day in Egypt. So many girls thought of her as a serious competitor. But the Bachelor doesn’t feel connected. Moreover, during a picnic Nikita felt a certain cold against Carolina, so I decided that it relationships they build.

The bachelorIs a reality Dating show, appeared in March 2011 on the Ukrainian TV channel “STB”. The show is a Ukrainian adaptation of the American project “The Bachelor”.
The main character of season 9 was the leading M1 TV channel and radio station “Russian radio Ukraine”, the chief editor of men’s magazine XXL (Ukraine) Nikita Dobrynin.
In every issue the main character will meet with one or several girls in different places. During meetings the girls have to like the Bachelor to interest him and get rid of rivals.