The bachelor season 9 issue 6: of the beauties left the project

Холостяк 9 сезон 6 выпуск: из красавиц покинул проект

9 season of the Dating show “the Bachelor” is shocking for its unpredictability. TV presenter Nikita Dobrynin suits for participants of the project surprises and trying to know them better. This week the project came three new party, what a beauty has not received the coveted rose. Read about it in the material LifeStyle 24.

A lot of competition, intrigue, new members and unbridled imagery – the protagonist of the show “the Bachelor season 9” is trying to choose among Ukrainian beauties the one which will be able not only to conquer it, but will be able to take and share frantic lifestyle Nikita Dobrynin. And as soon as the presenter feels the insincerity of the girl, he’s not delaying the farewell and puts all points over “and”.

Now in the show there are already 7 beauties, and all fans believe that this season is the most unpredictable. The exception does not become and issue 6 of “the Bachelor season 9”. Some of the girls said goodbye to the project, and the rose ceremony was tense.

Shocking revelations of Nikita Dobrynin

Freshman girls spent the first evening in the company of girls participating in the project. And that’s why ready to share first impressions with the Bachelor. The girls pointed to Marina as the most sincere. And Dasha, Lily and Sofia. However, they need time to develop. Girls noted that Nikita would be difficult with Sofia, but the girls are unable to ignore the fact that she is in love with the Bachelor.

Natalie noted as a charismatic, but lack of attention from childhood. Not so lucky Julia. New girls noticed her lack of interest in Nikita.

The Wiki still continues a prior relationship, it could not miss girls. Elizabeth tried to seem to be what she would like to see. That is why the choice for Nikita. After this conversation, Olga, Masha and Diana left the project.

The rose ceremony

In conversation with the host of the show, Gregory Reshetnik, Nikita found the concern, they say, do not know how to behave with the new girls. Therefore, by viewing their video decided that they have fulfilled their role of spies in the project. The first shocking news only 5 roses. And the girls were 9, and therefore, the project would leave 4 girls. However, rose after the conversation got Elizabeth.

One of the girls left the project

Vika didn’t get a rose. Although Nikita thanked the girl for the fact that they were able to spend an unforgettable time during the flight. Vick calmly reacted to the decision of Nikita, thanked the Bachelor for the time spent and wished good luck. In the car, the girl admitted that they will miss Nikita.

Tete-a-tete with Julia

Nikita noted that he had a pretty complicated history with Julia. After all, in a video message to Nikita the girl confessed that she had a lot of questions to the Bachelor. However, was unable to put a single question.

Nikita is sure that all the talk with girlfriend is quite superficial and that their paths diverge. Julia didn’t get a rose. Nikita spent the girl to the car, already in parting, the girl admitted that she felt the weight in the relationship and regret that it did not happen.

In the end, the project has left two girls – Vika and Yulia.