The bachelor season 9 issue 7: who of the beauties left the project

Холостяк 9 сезон 7 выпуск: кто из красавиц покинул проект

In the 9th season of Dating show “the Bachelor” Nikita Dobrynin continues to search for his half. In this issue girl with the Bachelor went to France. But return it all to Ukraine?

7 edition of the show “the Bachelor season 9” the rose ceremony began the difficult conversation of Nikita and Elizabeth. The girl was not able to open the Nikita and to talk about their feelings.

So the ceremony began tensely. The first to Nikita approached the Dasha. Remembering their warm kisses were not hard to guess that the girl will get a rose.

With Olga is more complicated. The girl continues to claim and yet Nikita gave her another chance. He also invited her on an individual date. What happens – will know next week.

Received treasured flower Marina, Sophia and Lily.

There was only one rose and two girls – Elizabeth and Natalia.

When approached Natalia, Nikita admitted that he still does not understand what she really is. Because to him, she’s nice and positive, and with the girls changed drastically. The bachelor said that they have very little time to get to know each other. So gave her another chance.

As for Elizabeth, Nikita accused her that she never revealed to him. Moreover, he believes that she has no sympathy for him. So she leaves the project.

The bachelorIs a reality Dating show, appeared in March 2011 on the Ukrainian TV channel “STB”. The show is a Ukrainian adaptation of the American project “The Bachelor”. The main character of season 9 was the leading M1 TV channel and radio station “Russian radio Ukraine”, the chief editor of men’s magazine XXL (Ukraine) Nikita Dobrynin.

In every issue the main character will meet with one or several girls in different places. During meetings the girls have to like the Bachelor to interest him and get rid of rivals.