The bachelor season 9 volume 4: gentle kisses on dates and hysteria among girls

Холостяк 9 сезон 4 выпуск: нежные поцелуи на свиданиях и истерика среди девушек

Dating show “the Bachelor season 9” was launched on international women’s day and managed to conquer thousands of spectators. The main character is a TV presenter Nikita Dobrynin – among the spectacular beauties trying to find love. Every time he surprises participants with unexpected surprises and honest stories.

In the fourth edition of the show “the Bachelor season 9” TV host decided once again to capture the imagination of girls and arranged a series romnation Dating candid conversations.

Nikita Dobrynin began the day with a romantic meeting with three participants – Anna, Julia and Marina. A bachelor is prepared for the girls a surprise, and invited them to Cyprus, to the rose factory. Romantic atmosphere relaxed beauties, so they without any confusion, tell their intimate secrets.

Meanwhile, the invitation to individual date received shy Sofia. Nikita in particular turned to the girl, what provoked jealousy in others.

A date with three girls slowly moved to national restaurants. And there the participants had a short test: Nikita Dobrynin took part in the contest, and Julia was helping him. But when the Bachelor had to kiss a beautiful woman, she hesitated. In a conversation with a girl TV presenter couldn’t understand why between them there is a sort of distance.

When Holomatch returned to the other girls, noticed the discontent on their faces. Nikita Dobrynin was invited to a private meet Anna, who has admitted that he sees from the broadcaster of pravlenie sympathy. The bachelor saw the girl only the negative, so he wanted to melt her heart.

Just during Dating Nikita Dobrynin wanted to start the rose ceremony. However, the first flower is not got nobody, after all, the Bachelor has still a lot of questions to girls. At the same time he decided to ask out the Marina, which still have not talked alone.

The girls decided to play their rivals and went alone to the common room, what prompted a lot of conversations. However, his dates with the Bachelor, they decided not to tell.

For shy Marina broadcaster has prepared extreme sports – Windsurfing. Even during the briefing, a business lady was trying to control everything, and the water could not stand on the Board. It upset her, so Nikita suggested just to swim in the sea.

After that, the Bachelor asked her out on a picnic. Romantic atmosphere and sincere conversation ended with kisses. Girls Marina came back with a rose.

The following went out on a date Sofia. The bachelor decided to make her wish and to organize the drive. The man gave a shy beauty to the cave of Aphrodite and Adonis. There Nikita Dobrynin suggested without words to Express their feelings. Gentle strokes ended with hugs and kisses.

On the way to the restaurant Sofia admitted that this is the first real date that shocked Nikita. She talked about past relationships with a married man whom she loved before the loss of memory. The bachelor replied that did not fully understand Sophia, but thankful for her sincerity.

Sophia – the girl I want to know, – said Nikita, giving Sofia a rose.

Meanwhile, the girls real scandal. One of the beauties found out that one of them has a phone, which is prohibited in the project. Olga didn’t want to admit that secretly communicates with the Bachelor, which further angered everyone. From pressure the girl burst into tears.

To communicate with the beauties came presenter Grigoriy Reshetnik. He brought with him a rose, appealing to all girls. According to him, Nikita Dobrynin asked me to give a rose to the party with which he has a special communication. The desired flower got tearful Olga, even more than hateful in others.

Each of the girls recorded for Nikita Dobrynin video: and if one showed the joy from previous visits, others with tears in the eyes complained to the privileges Oli. After these messages the Bachelor came very angry to the ceremony of the roses. With him he brought only 6 flowers.

The first presenter came Lily, which is the only one being honest about the relationship to the presence of the phone from Oli. She received the rose, and Nikita admitted that they do not wish to have beauty ever shaky voice.

Next came the ceremony Olga. The presenter asked her to bring the phone and took the phone. However, this does not mean that she will leave the project “the Bachelor season 9”. Nikita Dobrynin asked her to leave rose.

One after another Nikita handed out roses to the contestants, leaving 4 participants in the project. The presenter was invited to a private conversation with Julia. After treatment girls the Bachelor the impression that she only fights for a rose and nothing more. He didn’t feel affection from her.

Nikita got out and Anya that made a gentle appeal to the presenter, which usually behaved as a “snow Queen”. According to the hero of the show, they have no understanding of. Anya left the project.

Anastasia also left a romantic project. Nikita Dobrynin explained that she is a very nice girl, but he doesn’t feel for her more than just sympathy.

Among other participants were left without roses capricious Natalia and sexy Julia. Flower got Julia, and Natasha mentally preparing to bid farewell to the Bachelor.

I don’t have you heart, but there is something else intrigued Nikita and brought a hand-made candle in the shape of a rose.

The bachelorIs a reality Dating show, appeared in March 2011 on the Ukrainian TV channel “STB”. The show is a Ukrainian adaptation of the American project “The Bachelor”. The main character of season 9 was the leading M1 TV channel and radio station “Russian radio Ukraine”, the chief editor of men’s magazine XXL (Ukraine) Nikita Dobrynin.

In every issue the main character will meet with one or several girls in different places. During meetings the girls have to like the Bachelor to interest him and get rid of rivals.