The bakers Shenmue III unhappy that they did not get a part of content that they promised

Бэкеры Shenmue III недовольны тем, что им не достанется часть контента, которую им и не обещали

Even before the release of Shenmue III has become synonymous with unrealistic expectations. Not only that, the game was repeatedly transferred, and the exclusivity to Epic Games Store, and the subsequent Saga over this news seriously undermined the confidence of the players. The cloud marketing failures is not dissipated, the backers, how much they donated, will not receive a portion of the content.

According to Baker , Antonio Miranda (Antonio Miranda) in the comments under the last post on the Kickstarter page of the game, he received an email from the developer confirming that those who helped to Fund the project, will not get a season pass for future DLC and additional content included in the Deluxe edition. All sponsors default will not get, but can be purchased separately.

Several retail stores offer for pre-ordering the game in-game items, including a new outfit and a training scroll, but these things also will not be available to investors with Kickstarter.

“Standard and Deluxe editions released in retail stores are not affiliated with a crowdfunding campaign, so they will not be available to backers. They can be purchased separately”, – said the developer Ys Net user.

In addition, the letter says that the donators from Kickstarter and official website of the game will receive their own editions, each of which contains unique content that you cannot get in any other way.

The authors caused a negative reaction in the community Shenmue III, but it is worth noting that none of the goals for investors at the same Kickstarter was not the promised season pass content or for pre-order and Deluxe edition. Finally, out of 69 320 backers about 50 thousand donated 60 dollars, which in most cases gives them the right only to “naked” copy of Shenmue III.

Бэкеры Shenmue III недовольны тем, что им не достанется часть контента, которую им и не обещали