The band Epolets invited to congratulate him on his birthday: details

Вокалист группы Epolets предложил по-особому поздравить его с днем рождения: детали

The soloist of the Ukrainian rock band Epolets Paul Varenitsa celebrates 32 anniversary. However, the birthday, the artist has decided to abandon the noisy feast, inviting fans to take part in a charity auction.

Wednesday, October 9, vocals Paul Varenitsa celebrating a birthday. This event inspired the artist at a special charity project that is sure to interest his fans. The singer invited the subscribers to his instagram page to take part in a special auction. The band Epolets put up for sale the legendary jacket that supporters can see throughout the festival season 2019.

According to Paul Varenitsa, by all means it will give the animal shelter Adopt Do not Stop. A year ago, the singer responded to the offer of volunteers and took in a stray dog. Now the soloist Epolets encourages fans to join the charity.

I love not only to receive but to give gifts, so I decided to your birthday to make a gift themselves, and those who need our help! A year ago I adopted my dog Elvis, who has become my best friend. That is why today I want to support the animal shelter and start a charity auction
– suggested Paul Varenitsa.

It is known that the starting price for the lot – 500 hryvnia. Blog readers Paul Varenitsa can offer a rate below the message and compete for the famous jacket with fringe. The winner will be selected October 15. In addition, people can financially support volunteers Adopt Do not Stop, who care about homeless animals and are looking for their housing.

What is known about Epolets? This is a famous rock band that four talented Odessa was founded in 2012. Now the team includes: Paul Varenitsa, Andrew Golovina, Igor Smirnov and Vladimir Stepanchuk. The most popular rock band Epolets received after participating in the project “X-factor”. Artists now have released 4 Studio albums and can boast of hits in Ukrainian, English and Russian languages