The Bank of Lithuania created the world’s first collectible cryptomonad

Банк Литвы создал первую в мире коллекционную криптомонету

The Bank of Lithuania created the world’s first collector coin with bloccano. It will be available in the spring of 2020, according

New coin dedicated to the day of signing the Act of independence of Lithuania, which occurred on 16 February 1918. The document was ratified by the signatures of 20 participants.

The coin will have a face value of €19.18, and, despite its name, is a rectangle, the shape similar to a credit card.

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Designer collectible coins Giedrius has Paulauskis says that the image on the coin is composed of 36.5 thousand pixels – the number of days passed since the signing of the Act.

“The release of this coin gives the Central Bank of the country not only experience with cryptocurrencies. This coin will attract numismatics and more young people,” – said the member of the Supervisory Board of the Bank of Lithuania Marius Jurgilas.

Release is planned to 24 thousand tokens. Each of them will have a picture of one of the 20 signatories. Tokens will be divided into six categories of activity, 4 thousand each.

Buyers cryptomonad will receive 6 random tokens. They need to collect tokens from all six categories that they sent physical silver coin.