The bankruptcy code, entered into force: what will change for Ukrainians

Кодекс о банкротстве вступил в силу: что изменится для украинцев

In Ukraine came into force the Code of Ukraine on procedures of bankruptcy of natural persons

Code No. 2597-VIII will be introduced in six months.

It is known that the code consists of four books, where the fourth regulates the procedure of bankruptcy of physical persons. Henceforth, the borrower, who was in a difficult situation with money, can initiate their bankruptcy. However, the creditor there is no such authority.

Ukrainians will be able to declare bankruptcy based on the following grounds:

overdue liabilities in the amount of 30 minimum wages (in 2019 – 124 110 thousand UAH),

the debtor is over two months and did not retire half of the scheduled payments for each obligation,

there is a resolution of enforcement proceedings about the lack of human property that you can recover,

other circumstances confirming that in the near future the debtor will not be able to meet its obligations.

If the individual considers himself a bankrupt, he will make a plan of restructuring the loan. But reaching a compromise with the Bank, – the borrower’s assets will be sold to cover obligations. It is worth noting that can sell virtually any property, except for “single housing” debtor – apartment up to 60 squares or house up to 120 squares. You can also do with money in retirement accounts and social security funds

However, to declare bankruptcy again to get it only after five years from the date of such decision (except repaid previous obligations). During this time, the borrower shall in writing report the failure to the other party before you lend money, credit or vouch for someone.

It is important that the person who has declared insolvency, cannot be considered as financially successful over the next three years.

Кодекс о банкротстве вступил в силу: что изменится для украинцев

Кодекс о банкротстве вступил в силу: что изменится для украинцев