The base physical training of the rider: Part 4 – foundations of race psychology

Базовая физическая подготовка мотогонщика: Часть 4 - Основы гоночной психологии

The final part of the preparation for track riding – competitions in speed is, of course, psychology of Motorsport. This is the big topic, which is done by professionals. We will try to reveal the main aspects of the assessment of the psychological readiness of riders.

RACING.RU, 21 January 2019 – We reviewed the features of the ride track here: Part 1 – Differences between riding a motorcycle from racing. Found out why and how to keep yourself physically fit – here: Part 2 – Why and how we train the muscles, and finally said, what else is required of what constitutes competitiveness in Motorsport: Part 3 – Improving the competitiveness.

Psychological preparation

Among the psychological skills used in motor sports, there are:

– Coordination: athletes must have very good coordination, because they need to achieve interdependence, steering, pedals, gears and brakes under high degrees of stress.

– Attention: during the competition it is very important to achieve the perfect level of tension.

– Concentration: they have to be focused throughout the race.

– Figurative representation: the representation of the images captured by the analyzer.

– Susceptibility: it is very important that this skill was well developed because of the need to feel that the bike is part of you, and also to analyze the environment.

– Aggressiveness: since this is a risky sport, it is very important to have this feature, it will help the athlete to achieve peak performance.

– The ability to remember to remember: know the track, every turn, using each site velocity and transfer – all necessary to achieve good results

The ways in which practicing the above skills are dependent on the sports psychologist. For example, according to sports psychologist albert Gomez, sport psychology should be used by athletes as follows:

1) first is evaluated the basic psychological skills of the pilot, among which are: motivation, concentration, degree of psychological maturity, self-confidence and enthusiasm;

2) Starts the exercise with the obtained results, based on selected trend. There should be a balance between all the abilities, having as starting points the motivation, inspiration and foci of attention;

3) once the pilot reaches a good level of basic skills, work begins on the psychological high efficiency through a series of individual iterations, communication and monitoring of the pilot to understand the mechanisms of its errors.

All the material:

Part 4: the foundations of race psychology

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Базовая физическая подготовка мотогонщика: Часть 4 - Основы гоночной психологии