The basketball player jumped two-meter Shaquille O’neal and won the dunk contest: video

Баскетболист перепрыгнул двухметрового Шакила О'Нила и выиграл конкурс данков: видео

In the United States was held the traditional all-star game within the basketball League NBA. In Charlotte, the League players competed in various competitions.

One of the most fascinating was the competition the slam dunk.

In the contest of dunks has become the best defender of “Oklahoma” Hamid Diallo. In the first attempt he scored 48 points and scoring with your teammate Russell Westbrook.

In the second attempt, the defender jumped over Shaquille O’neal with the Superman symbol on the chest and got 50 points.

In the final attempt, Diallo scored 45 points, which was enough to win.

What is the dank? Kind of a throw in basketball in which a player jumps up and with one or two hands throwing the ball through the ring from top to bottom. Such a throw is evaluated as usual – 2 points.

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