The battle for the Ukrainian subsoil. Will there be a referendum on the land market

Битва за украинские недра. Будет ли референдум о рынке земли

Under the Parliament’s consideration of the land question under walls of the Verkhovna Rada the representatives of Ncorpus staged clashes with the police. Also activists blocked Khreshchatyk, as they protested against the lifting of the moratorium on land sales.

The first day of the plenary week in the Verkhovna Rada started with land battles. The Parliament tightened the farmers and activists with Ncorpus who are also interested in the land question.

The protesters tried to set up tents right on the roadway. The police demanded to remove them, then went to the counter. Started a melee, went in the course of paving stones and tear gas.

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Ncorpus even started throwing stones at the Windows of the hotel Kiev, where the people’s deputies. But in the end, the police tore down their tents.

The clashes detained 26 people, several protesters and policemen were taken away by ambulance.

In the hall under the dome was also hot. Despite the fact that the draft law on the introduction of a land market on the agenda was not, the opposition party with the morning blocked the rostrum.

Demanded that the bill, which MPs will vote on second reading, is not considered. In the Fatherland I believe that Ukraine is not ready to a free land market. European solidarity and a Voice for land reform, but gradual.

In the Pro-government faction of the servant of the people say they are willing to make concessionsjust to keep the meaning of the reform. In the end, the parliamentarians have agreed to compromise at the meeting of the agricultural Committee.

Most importantly, scares politicians, and farmers – possible sale of land to foreigners. Them Ukrainian farmers can’t compete. Many farmers simply do not have money to buy the fields which they cultivate for decades.

The protests, which took place not only in the capital but in the regions, farmers said that they were not against the introduction of the market as such.

Everyone understands that the moratorium is to last forever can’t. But this formula, the farmers see other than that which was adopted by the Parliament in the first reading.

Listen to what the villagers, decided this week the President of Ukraine. In a meeting Vladimir Zelensky has promised to make significant amendments to the bill on the introduction of a land market.

The issue of foreigners is generally removed from the agenda. To let the Ukrainian land to foreigners, plans to decide by referendum. But just around the going debate, because of the law of him in Ukraine.

The chief ideologist of the land reform the Minister of Economics Tymofiy mylovanov said that its main goal is to bring out the shadow. Since many of the farmers still working on the gray.

Many in Parliament were convinced that the land issue will be put up for vote. But the agenda of the bill and has not appeared. On the ground, deputies were unable to agree at a meeting of the agricultural Committee, which lasted until late at night.

It turned into a scuffle and scattered bundles of papers. MP from the opposition platform Kiva and generally got into a fight with a servant of the people Andrew Motovylivka.

The document was submitted almost 5 thousand amendments, and managed to see only 200. A bill on the introduction of a land market will try to bring to the session hall after the new year.