“The battle for Winterfell” broke the hearts of fans: the reaction of the social networks on a new series of “Game of thrones”

"Битва за Винтерфелл" разбила сердца фанатов: яркая реакция соцсетей на новою серию "Игры престолов"

The third series of “Game of thrones” shocked fans.

American channel HBO has shown the third series of the latest season of “Game of thrones” – “the Battle for Winterfell”. It held the most epic and the longest battle in the history of television.

“We do not dwell on the murders, because then everybody loses sensitivity and it doesn’t mean anything”, – said the Director of the series.

Immediately after the release of the third series of HBO’s America, the Internet began to appear bright reacii. User reviews of network may contain spoilers. So if you haven’t watched the third episode of “Game of thrones”

Normal heartbeat:

While watching the Battle for Winterfell:

I’m in shock

I may have a heart attack at any moment

All I see in today’s episode of “Game of thrones”

I throughout the episode

If HBO picked up the contrast, Denis and John would be more likely to know what is happening under them. It would be unreal epic without the need for squinting!

Standing under the TV, trying to see the battle

This is the most stressful episode among all the shows I ever watched

The first 20 minutes of “Game of thrones”…

King of the Night: let me see what you got


I would like to personally thank the Drogon and Regalia for what provided us with the only source of light that is allowed to see anything in this episode

When the sun rises on the morning after the battle

My official opinion about today’s episode

Who rules the world? Girls

“Battle for Winterfell” is the longest series for all the seasons of the series. It lasts 82 minutes. While its shooting lasted for 7.5 months: it was a 6-7 day work week for 16-18 hours a day.

It is noted that Miguel for these scenes were inspired by the display of the siege of the second Lord of the rings. Furthermore, Sapochnik in 2016 took “the battle of the Bastards” for which she won an Emmy.

[quote author=””]”For me, all the [third] episode – horor survival. Something like “Assault on 13 precinct”, where several people are under siege. There is a whole team of characters, overall storyline, and here it is important to decide whose story I’m telling. The previous battle I almost entirely removed in the name of John.

"Битва за Винтерфелл" разбила сердца фанатов: яркая реакция соцсетей на новою серию "Игры престолов"