The battle of the fur and wash the cats: the announcement stylish tactical RPG Wolfstride

Сражение на мехах и мытье котов: состоялся анонс стильной тактической RPG Wolfstride

The company Raw Fury and Studio Ota Imon announced the turn-based role-playing game Wolfstride inspired by Japanese animation, where you will participate in battles on a huge controllable fur. The project will be released on PC in 2021.

The plot Wolfstride expelled from the Yakuza novice combat pilot and an experienced mechanic will unite to participate in the championship Tournament Ultimate Mech. There you have to fight with enemies in classic turn-based fight, using movement points to move and strike.

However, there are some other classes. For example, in the garage you can improve and manually fix their own fur to add to his weapons and abilities. Upgrades are expensive, and to buy them, you have to obtain money on side jobs around town. In addition, to the study opened, and rain city, one of the last remnants of the old world. You will be able to meet with residents and to build a relationship with them to receive job offers.