The Bay of the Dnieper in the neighborhood of Red Rock plans to clear the

Залив Днепра на жилмассиве Красный Камень планируют расчистить

The inhabitants of the Dnieper already used that for another year our main waterway changes to green. Go down to the river is also problematic because of the intolerable smell. According to environmentalists, the culprit – global warming. It makes the water more active in the breeding of bacteria and algae.

In the housing estate Red Stone this problem plan to solve it. The beach behind the monument to the 152nd infantry division had long been unsuitable for swimming. People’s complaints on the bad state of the water and unpleasant smell reached the officials. It is reported by the Informant with reference to the Dnipropetrovsk regional Council.

Arrived at the scene by the regional Commission for monitoring the status of water bodies. Specialists have spent a fence of water for laboratory researches, and also carried out the Express testing of water quality. He showed exceeding the permissible values for the hydrogen index (pH). A more detailed analysis of samples will be conducted in the laboratory.

According to the representative of the Commission, the main problem of this area that is the Gulf. Due to the shallow depth and lack of currents and there is a plentiful algal blooms. Experts made the decision on clearing of this zone at the expense of the regional budget. To do this, this week will be brought to the machine the amphibious Truxor.

Залив Днепра на жилмассиве Красный Камень планируют расчистить