The bear was locked in the car and destroyed the entire interior (video)

Медведь заперся в машине и уничтожил весь салон (видео)

Police asked not to leave food in the car and close the doors.

This week in California Colfax police helped to rescue a bear from a locked car.

Somehow, the predator managed to get into the interior of the silver Toyota SUV. To get out he could not – and began to destroy the saloon.

To rescue the bear, police managed to break the glass of the car driver side. The beast jumped out and disappeared.

“When they are hungry, they will look for any source of food – in this case, it was someone’s car,” said police.

Bears have learned to open car door. The recent case of Mercedes even got on video.

And in Yaroslavl the bear attacked a passer-by. There waiting for new orders was taxi driver “Citymobil” that started honking and blinking headlights and scared of the predator, and then took the victim to the hospital.

By the way, in Naberezhnye Chelny bear safely transported in the back seat of the car. The beast was sitting on the second row of “Lada” and looked out the open window.

The main automotive news last day – in the video below: