The beating of a soldier in Kiev – in a network there was video

Избиение бойца в Запорожье - в сети появилось видео

In Kommunarskiy district of Zaporozhye near one of the supermarkets was beaten 29-year-old soldier of the battalion “Azov” Oleg Cherevko. The guy made a remark to the man who molested the girls, then got hit in the head. In a network there was video from the scene.

It all happened on 21 July at 22:53. The footage can be seen as between a man and two girls there is a conflict. Video 1 min 22 sec guy (as it turned out, “azovets” Oleg) makes the remark to the man. After a few seconds, the last coming to Oleg and hits the head. From the blow the soldier fell.

Earlier we wrote that the malefactor is detained. They found 29-year-old previously convicted resident of Zaporozhye.

Oleg was taken to hospital with serious injuries. He had the operation. His condition doctors assessed as stable heavy.

The cost of treatment of Oleg Cherevko took the twin cities.