The beginning of an adventure: the foreign media about President Zelensky

Начало приключения: зарубежные СМИ о президенте Зеленском

Foreign media praised the inauguration of Vladimir Zelensky. The Western press drew attention to the fact that he went to the Verkhovna Rada on foot, surrounded by four security guards, touched the hands of the public, welcomed him – thus demonstrated the closeness to the people.

Journalists also recognize the decisive his decision to dissolve the Verkhovna Rada and the requirement to adopt a law on illicit enrichment and the removal of inviolability from deputies, prosecutors and judges. Reporters noted that the newly elected President will have a lot of work, because of his lack of experience.

Zelensky did not mention in his speech Russia, but hinted at it when he said that the Ukrainians should become a Swiss, living happily, despite all the differences, noted in the BBC.

British journalists and other English-language media use in the victory Zelensky definition of landslide victory – (landslide – landslide) – that is, a completely unexpected victory in most regions of the country. However, they note that Zelensky will have to face many serious issues. The main tasks are the elimination of corruption, removal of immunity of deputies and judges and enhancing transparency of procurement in the defense industry. Zelensky also promised to restore relations with the East of Ukraine.

Already there is evidence that Russian President Vladimir Putin will test a political newcomer. One of the tests will be the issuing of Russian passports in the occupied territories.

The newly elected President has dissolved Parliament, filled with allies of his predecessor, TIME notes.

But even before the dissolution of Parliament, Zelensky turned the head of the Ukrainian policy. Journalists paid attention to the fact that the new President was greeting the people during their journey to the inauguration and even made a selfie with some.

Zelensky immediately announced the dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada, trying to get seats in Parliament, which is still dominated by supporters of his predecessor, writes the Guardian.

The first task, he called a cease-fire in the Donbas, where for 5 years, killed 13 thousand people, the newspaper notes. Zelensky gave 2 months MPs to “earn a medal”, the newspaper notes.

Work with the Parliament is critical to Zelensky to fulfill the expectations of their constituents and reforms necessary to ensure support from abroad did not cease, writes Reuters.

Zelensky campaign was successful due to the frustration of the public in the political establishment and promised to “break the system”. But his future policy was little known, writes France24.

A few months ago, the idea that Zelensky will take the oath of office was surreal.

Zelensky will have to solve the issue with Russian-backed separatists in the East, writes the edition. The Chairman of the so-called DNR Denis Pushilin declared that is ready to negotiate. He later accused Zelensky and his team in “negative statements” and said that Kiev inhibits the peace process.

Zelensky also face problems in international politics – the representative of the head of the White house Donald trump, Rudy Giuliani recently said that Zelensky is surrounded by “enemies of the President of the United States.”

“It’s not the end of your adventure is just beginning”, – quotes the edition of the Deputy from “popular front” Sergei Vysotsky, who addressed Zelensky.

Poroshenko lost the election, because although they had avoided collapse in the country and launched a number of key reforms, it accused of not doing enough to improve living standards, and the failure of the struggle against local corruption, LEPoint said.

The result suggests that Ukrainian voters are disappointed with the corruption and social injustice, and war in the East of Ukraine. Many voters believe that the start of negotiations with Russia will be the solution. Poroshenko refused to accept it, exchanging insults with the Russian leadership during his presidency. Zelensky can use his outsider status to reach agreement with the Kremlin, writes Chinese edition GlobalTimes.

The right team will be the deciding factor for the novice politician, as he will have to negotiate with various political forces.