The beginning of the end “little dictatorships”: the Zelensky threat to Putin

Начало конца "маленьких диктатур": чем Зеленский опасен для Путина

What does the bike “Ukraine” to the collapse of the former Soviet regime?

Probably few people remember how back in 2005, the year of the young Zelensky came on the scene with the old bike “Ukraine”. From the point of view of the world, and the Ukrainian history, this humorous miniature was presented not so long ago. And this short period of time ended up being the main character of the story, making fun of then-President Yushchenko’s classic phrase: “I wonder why this was? Because I have velosaped not exist!”, he became President of Ukraine.

Figuratively speaking, he now has the bike. That is the one that failed to really take advantage of the predecessors. So sharply contrasting with the current head power and sports, young, educated and definitely talented, combining the classic image of the capitalist with rare for “guarantor of the Constitution” sparkling with erudition.

These qualities were decisive in the moment, when Ukrainians made a choice between Zelensky and its predecessor, caught in their own lies, in the ever-rumpled pants, with a painfully insincere person. These contrast and direct opposition, though are rather superficial characteristics, but in themselves make the current Ukrainian President brand-new positive development. And here it is necessary to stress that these features are unique, there is rather impossible for the “traditional” post-Soviet power-holders, today, are striking not only Ukrainians, but also Russians.

Outside of the context of assumptions about future policies Zelensky as President, the very victory is struck by the Russian authorities is quite a sophisticated impact. Devalued the main propaganda slogan of Russia “Bendery”, “Nazi”, “fascist” Ukraine.

The people who suddenly chose to head his state of the Russian-speaking Jew, for years, desperately stivsevo and making fun of the post-Soviet political elite, and it is in Russian! And this process is observed both in Ukraine and in Russia and in far and near abroad. It is easy to imagine how hard cognitive dissonance today caught the Russian people, having lost the understanding of what Russian world and the Russian language must be protected in Ukraine.

Poroshenko was for Putin an open book, the best Russian regime sparring partner. He acted clear Moscow and her well-loved methods: threats, theft, deception, manipulation, war, poverty, devastation. And thus was the perfect target for unbridled criticism of the Russian propaganda. Think tanks which come up with something I never had. What the Russians want “American” color Maidan, war, devastation, unemployment and crime in Ukraine? Then your path – independence. If not, then Putin is right and confidence in the future. And a couple of years ago begging the average Russian looked at “falling” of Ukraine and was engaged in auto-suggestion, looking inside the remnants of human pride: “not so bad, there’s worse than us!”. Even Russian liberals were ashamed of their sluggish attempts an objective assessment of examples of success in Ukraine.

Today, this picture was painted in very different colors. It is easy to imagine the shock and disorientation of the majority of the Russian population. If you do not take into account clinical cases of desperate love for the idea of the “Russian world” and personally to Putin in Russia, as in most countries of the former Soviet camp, is not respected, and then openly hate the government. And tolerate it only because of the lack of a clear alternative, at least in the form of a living example.

Zelensky and there are already first solutions creates for the Russians surreal painting “the destruction of the foundations”: the Parliament and Cabinet in an easy unobtrusive way go “in the garden”. Simple and clear command to the General staff of Ukraine not to shoot and not to respond to provocations – and the new President will look like a “dove” after Poroshenko and his partners have turned the war into a tool for their own gain. In this case, Zelensky became Lugansk, Donetsk, Sevastopol real hope for the future.

And the Russian state propaganda machine and nothing to meet this challenge, undermining the foundations of popular prints of the “unity” of Russia, which is based on creating virtual scarecrows called “Ukraine”. And other unifying principle here is not invented and will not come up. There is no new Gagarin or the new Sakharov. And it won’t distract people small victorious war.

What this means for Putin, embodying all the corny post-Soviet political system? A system built on oligarchic monopolies, lawlessness and absolute power of the population standing in Brijuni criminals, the KGB, and repainted the Communists and Komsomol members? Current events in Ukraine are a critical factor in the beginning of the attack of Putin’s regime in particular and the collapse of postsovetskiy at all.

In Moscow, louder talk out loud about the “transit authority”. The Russians, like the Ukrainians, reached the critical mass hatred of the ruling population and frankly itching to carry the heads of the hated oligarchs and their political staff.

That is, no one now can’t prevent Putin from that sudden day when Russia will require your Goloborodko. And counter will not. Tales about the younger brothers-the Ukrainians, who have sakalelis and knows what they are doing, so Russia needs to restore order, will not work anymore. Because even the controversial independence in 2014, with a victory Zelensky sounded brand new. His confrontation and sacrifice seemed futile in the “transition period” the Board Poroshenko, who could not and did not want to change the System. Therefore the choice was made – without bloodshed.

And even Russians understand that this choice is highly symbolic and future-oriented.

Favorite mysleformy Poroshenko, the army, MOV faith, which thoroughly frightened the Russians, were derived from primeval vulgar. They were friendly horror stories for the Russian population, which together were frightened and huddled in obedient stood around the Almighty Putin. But after the inaugural speech Zelensky become relevant brand other Ukrainian priorities – peace, order, welfare as the aim and strategy of the future. And these values cannot be used for the promotion of fear and hatred – that’s what the problem is Russian propaganda. These values are close, clear and desirable and the Ukrainians and the Russians – and this is quite dangerous for the ideology of the Putin regime.

But the main danger for Putin’s post-Soviet political-managerial populations lies in the lack of understanding by analysts and advocates of the nature and mechanisms of the presidential campaign Zelensky. Levers that have proved effective for, without exaggeration, a peaceful revolution, not decoded, this means that can be applied in the conditions of post-Soviet regimes as effectively as it happened in Ukraine.

Of course, attempts to decipher the algorithm. But to understand it in absolute terms is unlikely, since many of the steps were clearly intuitive, improvisational. However, one thing is clear – what underlies the phenomena, to realize that neither one representative of the post-Soviet political clan. Skate Zelensky was always that and as he says, this is typical in the perception of the actor and the audience. In the case of elections people were offered a different version Zelensky – without translation “kind and eternal”, with obvious provocation for the population including the brain and fantasy: you, the people, smart – anything else has guessed…

New technological modes give rise to the possibility of a new (peaceful) revolution, which do not occur in the squares, and in the minds and virtual spaces (simulacra). And that leads to panic of ageing modes, as in our case, the winner is surprisingly easy and nice.

But any revolution is contagious! Especially if she goes without blood and fear personified and such a pretty face as Vladimir Zelensky. Which, unfortunately for the post-Soviet “kings” – is an international phenomenon. For ten years lives in every TV post – Soviet space- sparkling-humorous, sometimes ruthlessly satirical, giving a mood and a few minutes distraction from the dreary slave-like lives…

And there is no exaggeration the following statement: the post-Soviet system of small dictatorships significantly deteriorated for the first time since the collapse of the USSR. Post-Soviet leaders with fear thinking about the example for their people. Because suddenly it turned out that the choice is still there. No huge money, neither managed legal, economic and legislative institutions, neither the hand media can’t provide power forever.

Probably the first Chapter of the script of the series on the adoption of the Slav brothers to a rich and prosperous Ukraine is already written.

Nikolay GOLEV

historian, economist, former Deputy Minister of Finance of Ukraine, chief editor of the magazine “Ukraina”

Начало конца "маленьких диктатур": чем Зеленский опасен для Путина

Начало конца "маленьких диктатур": чем Зеленский опасен для Путина